The Evil Dr. Moki's Group Blind Taste Test #1


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This cigar has never gotten great reviews here at CP but I've been in love with it for a few years now. I do enjoy the Monti #2's but have yet to try a BBF, my guess is that I'll like it if it's similar to this taste profile.

I'm finding it interesting to see who's taste is similar to mine and who's isn't.



el Presidente
Cigar #7, non-Cuban Davidoff Millennium Blend Lonsdale, 2006 (6" x 43) - premium

Image courtesy of enerjay

bfreebern said: Nice reddish brown wrapper, no major veins. Prelight draw was good, with earth coming through. Black cherry, spice and leather are what I got from this one. Full bodied.

bfreebern guessed: Origin: Nicaraguan - Price: Super Premium - Age: 1 year - Marca: Tatuaje - Rating: 8/10

BlindedByScience said: A little rough looking, but not too bad. Nice, rich dark brown wrapper; pre light draw is a bit on the tight side and the wrapper on the cut end is coming loose…..not good. Pre light tastes are very earthy, making me think this one has some down time on it. Really rich, really nice. Ring is a little more than a 40 and the length sans cap is about 5 5/8” The pre light tastes have piqued my interest and I’m anxious to give this one a go.

Very dark, very heavy, but a nice smoke. Basic, aged tobacco tastes, some spice, some musty, almost dusty flavors, but overall, a nice enjoyable smoke. Seemed to have a lot of nicotine “oomph” to it but I have to say I enjoyed it quite a bit. The tight draw didn’t affect how it smoked; no burn issues at all. I fought the split wrapper a bit but got through it just fine. Nicely floral, aromatic smoke.

BlindedByScience guessed: Origin: Cuban - Price: Premium - Age: 10 years - Marca: Bolivar - Rating: 8/10

Brickhouse said: Tasting notes: Another solid smoke that was very tasty and earned a spot in the humidor. Very creamy cigar, which surprised me because of the color of the wrapper. Really had a "Cuban" taste to it, though I hate using that description. What I'm saying is that all the qualities of it; the way it smoked, the amount of smoke, the hints of creamy vanilla, some hints of cherries, and a rich robust full bodied flavor with smooth delivery all said Cuban to me. But I'm not going there. No, I think this one is a wolf in sheeps clothing. So then I went to the Marca that makes great Cubans but also manages to make great Non-Cubans with their label.....Davidoff.....Davidoff Millennium Blend.

Brickhouse guessed: Origin: Dominican Republic - Price: Premium - Age: 4 years - Marca: Davidoff - Rating: 7/10

enerjay said: This is my kind of smoke. Full flavor but not to full body. Smooth cigar with hints of coffee, really light pepper and some woodsy flavor. Well balanced from start ti finish.

enerjay guessed: Origin: Dominican - Price: Premium - Age: 2 years - Marca: Arturo Fuente - Rating: 9.5/10

insight said: From the prelight draw I instantly thought Opus. I tasted the unique spice and flavors I associate with Opus. Initially there was a somewhat sweet, nutty flavor but none of the bite common to Opus, which had me wondering if my initial reaction was correct. Coming into the second third of the cigar a rich peppery flavor developed. As the cigar progressed some grassy flavors crept in that I would usually associate more with a Cohiba than an Opus, but the Opus flavor continued to creep in and out. The finish was a combination of leather and berries, with much more notable spice and a nic punch. I believe this is an Opus, and the variation in flavors is a result of age. I also think it has to be significantly old for my guess to make sense because it had some flavors that I have not commonly found in even the ~2000 Opus I have smoked. I really enjoyed this cigar and hope I get made to look the fool so I can get more of these on the cheap, because I have enough of an Opus problem as it stands.

insight guessed: Origin: Dominican - Price: Premium - Age: 12 years - Marca: OR Opus X Fuente Fuente - Rating: 9.5/10

grateful1 said: Nice cigar. Just OK. A little 'bite' to it at first. Good roll with a nice draw. A lot of smoke. Chocolate wants to come thru, more earthy than spice. It seems like I've had this blend before but can't nail it down. It's a dry smoke . This is a tough one.

grateful1 guessed: Origin: Nicauraguan - Price: Everyday - Age: 4 - Marca: Dominican Cohiba XV - Rating: 5/10

NorCalCigarLover said: 5 7/8 inch, 45 ring. An interesting two tone effect with this cigar, the bottom portion was a darker earthy brown graduated to a head of lighter brown. A rough wrapper, silky, with veins and possibly stems showing through, a lot of soft spots as well. Pre-light aromas of floral and a slight farm smell. Initial tastes of char broiler, woody, very little spice with a medium to full strength. Middle was stronger, mostly wood with more spice coming through but still not big. Burned nice with the wrapper curling under and hugging the burn the entire length, but did not have a long hanging ash. I'm thinking perhaps a machine made A/T.

NorCalCigarLover guessed: Origin: Cuba - Price: Everyday - Age: 15 years - Marca: H. Upmann - Rating: 6/10

sinnyc said: This firm Lonsdale has a smooth, rich, chocolate brown wrapper and a fine pre-light draw. It is medium in strength and led off with straightforward tobacco flavors and, oddly, a burst of anise. As the cigar gets going it presents a sort of earthy, cedar/woodsy base with hints of bitter chocolate and still that tinge of licorice. It's an interesting cigar and I don't think I have never tasted one before. It's not particularly strong but it is sort of stomping on my taste buds a bit. In the second third the anise and chocolate are gone and the cigar is now primarily a woodsy tobacco taste although there is now something acrid going on which is a bit of a bummer. My taste buds are getting fairly torched now which I find strange since it really doesn't seem to be that strong of a cigar. The promise it showed in the beginning is fading fast. Now in the last third the flavors have kind of petered out altogether and all I am getting is an acrid tobacco taste. I am well and surely stumped on this one.

I woke up this morning still trying to figure out what #7 was and just now, as I was about to grab a bite to eat at work, it hit me - that could certainly have been an Illusione. Either a cg:4 or an f9. I have had a couple of the larger sizes that seemed to flatten out taste-wise almost immediately and that is basically what happened with #7. It got quite "plain" and I could attribute the acridity I tasted to smoking it too fast.

sinnyc guessed: Origin: Dominican - Price: Everyday - Age: 1 year - Marca: Illusione - Rating: 4/10

Smokyballs said: Tanic, tart start for the first half inch. Mellowed out to a really smooth smoke. Nice white ash. Lots of smoke. Became very bland. Very light chocolate flavor at the back of my mouth. Flavorless is almost to nice of a comment. Incredibly mild with little or no flavor. Back to tart at the end. The cigar became to soft and hot to smoke any further. No aftertaste.

Smokyballs guessed: Origin: Dominican - Price: Everyday - Age: 3 years - Marca: Romeo n/c Cedros - Rating: 2/10

tone-ny said: This cigar had darker wrapper with prominent veining and a clean draw to it. The ash on this cigar was light grey and burn was even. I did have to re light this cigar twice and mid way and almost at the end.

Overall this was a strong cigar through out as well as the nose. Having a strong taste of the tobacco itself and bordering on a leather profile. The cigar was never bitter, but a strong cigar that did not disappoint. I enjoyed smoking the cigar as it reminded me of a Romeo y Julieta Cazadodres. This was a cigar that I first tried last year courtesy of Wilkey. I have since have obtained some more for aging.

tone-ny guessed: Origin: Cuban - Price: Everyday - Age: 2 years - Marca: Romeo y Julieta - Rating: 7/10


Results Summary

Origin: 3 Cuban, 7 non-Cuban

Price: 0 budget, 5 everyday, 4 premium, 1 super-premium

Age: High: 15 years, Low: 1 year, Average: 5.4 years

Marca: Arturo Fuente: 2, Tatuaje: 1, Bolivar: 1, Davidoff: 1, Dominican Cohiba XV: 1, H. Upmann: 1, Illusione: 1, Dominican Romeo y Julieta Cedros: 1, Romeo y Julieta: 1

Raiting: High: 9.5/10, Low: 2/10, Average: 6.6/10

Cigar #7 was actually a: non-Cuban Davidoff Millennium Blend Lonsdale, 2006 (6" x 43) - premium

Who nailed it: Brickhouse!



While most of the testers got that this cigar was not Cuban, the marcas were once again all over the map, with 9 different marcas represented, and only Brickhouse getting it right... well done, sir, it is indeed a Davidoff... a Davidoff Millennium Blend Londsale!

From some of the early ratings, I really thought this would be the highest rated cigar... but a few really poor ratings once again brought this cigar down into the consistently mediocre ratings that seem to be the norm in this blind taste test.

The perceived age varied widely on this one too, from 15 years to 10 years, down to 1 year.

Once again, the only pattern I can see to the reviews is the consistent some loved it, some hated it, and some were in the middle. The verbiage used to describe the cigar was likewise consistently inconsistent. Consider me flummoxed again. :)

Well done folks... another very interesting cigar review! #8 is coming up quick... seeya then!


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Very glad to hear this was Dominican and attainable. I have had millennium blends in the past but never the lonsdale and I very much enjoyed them. So far this has been one of the best surprises for me because I now have a new smoke to work into my rotation, especially given that this was so young (as in NOT from 96 :blush: )


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That cigar did not look like a Davidoff or smoked like one. It really fooled me. I'm just sorry these are coming to the end.

Wyatt way to go!


Oh My!
That cigar did not look like a Davidoff or smoked like one. It really fooled me. I'm just sorry these are coming to the end.

Wyatt way to go!

Hehehe - I guess I was correct: "It seems like I've had this blend before..."!

Dang it...I thought it was a millennium by the look and didn't smoke like one.
I truly don't know which to trust....appearance or taste.

Most of the ones I've had have been fresh at the B&M....if this is what they are like with some age, I am defiantly rethinking saving these. ( unless this one was sorta sick)

Just a comment: the fact that I had a San Cristobal (NC) about an hour before may have played a roll in my taste.


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Enjoyable cigar, I really wanted to give it an 8 but just held off on that because I think an 8 is a whole new category of good. There was nothing disappointing at all about this cigar though.

Looking forward to #8!!!! Burning it tonight :)
By chance, I smoked a Davidoff Millenium last night (robusto size). I'm reading these for the first time now, and although my Davidoff had a band on it, I had the same perceptions as Phil. The first thing I usually do with a cigar before lighting up is have a good smell of the foot. Call it a fetish. This cigar had the same unique smell I get from the Opus: cinnamon. Sure enough, I thought it tasted similar to an Opus as well.

It's also interesting to me that Wyatt nailed this stick. He described it as creamy, which is the last thing that came to my mind. But hey, he nailed it. Good work Wyatt. I really enjoyed reading these after having smoked nearly the same stick the night before. It's easier to relate.

Great work everybody!


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Never been a big fan of Davidoffs, as I suppose my review shows. Strange though, I usually think of them as very mild cigars that are light in the flavor dept. Some might call them subtle, I generally think of them as papery. Anyway, this one was definitely stronger than the others I have smoked but again had very little flavor for me. Oddly, I smoked my first Millennium about a week before this test and, while I didn't like it much either :whistling: , it did not bake my taste buds like this one.

Also, I guess I should have been clearer about the Illusione guess. I really enjoy the smaller gauges such as the cg:4 or f9 and even the 2 and have boxes of some of them now. The larger the gauge, however, the less they appeal to me. It's as if the combo of power and flavor seems to get lost in the transition to the marca's larger sticks. (I have discussed this with a couple of other members too so it's not just me! :laugh: ) The bigger ones just seem to be unable to sustain the flavor for long or, in some cases, ever get it across at all and that is very much what seemed to happen with this Davidoff.


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A very interesting smoke. I'd never had a Davidoff Milennium and couldn't imagine they'd be as strong as that one was. A very nice smoke, to be sure..... :cool:

......I'm just sorry these are coming to the end. kidding. I've sure enjoyed this tasting.... :thumbs:

Cheers, guys - B.B.S.


The Wine Guy
LOL ...... this was Davidoff weekend for me, Saturday a Zino Platinum Sceptor, Sunday my first Millenium Churchill, and this cigar yesterday. All I would rate at 5-6, nothing special to my palate an none of which I would search out. This cigar did not look like what I would expect a Davidoff to look like, very sloppy and not well constructed except for the nice wrapper which should have been more of a clue.

Good job Wyatt!



I smoke therefore I am!
LOL ...... this was Davidoff weekend for me, Saturday a Zino Platinum Sceptor, Sunday my first Millenium Churchill, and this cigar yesterday. All I would rate at 5-6, nothing special to my palate an none of which I would search out. This cigar did not look like what I would expect a Davidoff to look like, very sloppy and not well constructed except for the nice wrapper which should have been more of a clue.

Good job Wyatt!


David, that is what threw me for a loop. The wrapper was coarse and heavily veined, not your typical Davidoff. Hey Andrew you sure those where Davidoff's :laugh:


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Of all the Davidoff I have smoked (not many) I would have never guessed #7was a Davidoff.

I loved the smoke however, looks like I had better save my pennies a pick some up.

Nice call Wyatt


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Hey guys,

This is a great thread.
I saw when Andrew was asking for tasters and just now came across these results.

I am particularly enjoying the way the tasters are all over the board on these cigars! Funny how that works.

Just a thought.

Owning up to being wrong is a virture.......GARY!


Thanks for doing this Andrew!