The Jonesy Pretty Penny Pass #2


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                              WELCOME TO THE JONESY PRETTY PENNY PASS PART 2!
This isn't quite the high end pass I ran the first time some years back, but the selection is still pretty nice! This will be a stress free and fun pass to participate in. Since all of you have been invited and either have run or been involved in multiple passes, I don't anticipate any drama like what has gone on of late. The trades will be simple, ISOM for NC and vice versa will be fine. I don't care what trades you come up with because I'm not putting rules in for certain cigars. All I ask is that if you take a limited or rarer cigar, you replace it with one or make up for it with age and or price and there's no dickering over a $ here or $2 there. You see the list so you know there are quite a few that meet that criteria so just keep that in mind and use common sense and all will be fine. The pass will be sent out on Wednesday April 23rd.  
bfreebern (virtual)
insight (virtual)
1 Bolivar Inmensas  T-Drunkfish3
2 Bolivar Belicoso Fina '01 T- freebern
3 Cohiba Sublime EL 2004   Pulled
4 Cohiba Robusto
5 Cohiba Genios Maduro 5
6 H.Upmann Royal Robusto LCDH 2011 T-thinde
7 H.Upmann Sir Winston '01   Pulled
8 Juan Lopez Seleccion #4 RE Asia Pacifico 2010 T-grateful1
9  La Escepcion T-freebern
10 Montecristo Grand Edmundo EL 2010  T-rob300c
11 Partagas Serie D EL 2010 T-grateful1
12 Por Larranaga Robustos de Larranaga RE Asia Pacifico 2007  T-Khari
13 Por Larranaga Encantos RE Asia Pacifico 2010
14 Ramon Allones Eminencia RE Suiza 2007  T-uptown_Isy
15 Sancho Panza Belicoso 2002 T- ironpeddler
16 A.F. Anejo 46
17 A.F. Anejo 48 Kingants T
18 A.F. Anejo 50  T-Nashkicker
19 A.F. Anejo 55  T kingantz
20 A.F. Anejo 77
21 Casa Fuente Corona Gorda T-mmburtch
22 Davidoff Millenium Blend Piramide  T-Khari
23 God of Fire Carlito Pirimide 2006
24 La Palina Goldie Laguito #5 T tone-ny
25  25 Liga Privada #9 Toro Oscuro Tubo T -ironpeddler
26 Padron 1926 Serie #1 Maduro  T-thinde
27 Padron Anniversary 1964 Imperial Maduro
28 Padron Family Reserve 44 Maduro  t-Drunkfish3
29 Padron Family Reserve 45 Maduro  T- mmburtch
30 Padron 80th Maduro
31 Padron 85th Mauente Corona Gorda T-mmburtch
32 Opus X Angels Share Robusto T tone-ny
33 Opus X Angels Share Toro  T-mmburtch
34 Tatuaje Anarchy T-Nashkicker
35 Tatuaje Anarchy Apocalypse T tone-ny
36 Tatuaje Avion
37 Tatuaje Tattoo 10 Miami Seleccion de Cazador T tone-ny
38  Tatuale Tattoo TAA  t KINGANTZ
39 Tatuaje WolfMAN t ironpeddler
40 Viaje Double Edged Sword II Collectors Ed. Jar Release
41 Davidoff Royal Salomon  P- Uptown_Isy
42 Cohiba 2006 EL Piramide  P-Khari T-freebern
43  Don Carlos Lancero '08  P-Khari  T-jfields
44  Opus A
45  RA Eminencia RE 2007  P-mmburtch T-rob300c
46  HU Mag50 LE 2005  P-mmburtch
47  Boli Especiales No2 RE alamania 2009  P-mmburtch
48 Tatuaje Cabaiguan Lancero P-Nashkicker T- ironpeddler
49 Tatuaje Jason P-Nashkicker
50  Liga Privada UF-13 P-Nashkicker T-Drunkfish3
51 Illusione Epernay L'Excellence P-Drunkfish3
52[SIZE=10.5pt] Opus Perfecxion X [/SIZE]P-Drunkfish3
[SIZE=10.5pt]53 God of fire [/SIZE][SIZE=9pt]Carlito Double Corona[/SIZE][SIZE=9pt] 2007 [/SIZE]P-Drunkfish3
54 Padron 1964 Anniversary A Maduro P-Drunkfish3
55 AVO LE 05 P - tone-ny T ironpeddler
56 AVO 22 European release(very  rare) P tone-ny
57 Tatuaje Cojonu 2006 P tone-ny
58 Bolivar Belicoso Fino OSU JUN 01 P tone-ny
59 Bolivar Gold Medal 2008 P - ironpeddler T-freebern
60 Diamond Crown Maximus Toro P - ironpeddler
61 My Father 2011 Davidoff NYC Release P -ironpeddler
62 Padron Anniversary 1964 SI-15 Natural (Smoke Inn Release) P -ironpeddler T -rob300c
 63 Headley Grange Drumstick P -ironpeddler t KINGANTZ
64 La Palina Laguito Goldie #2 (3/5/2012, 716/1000 Box) P -ironpeddler T-thinde
65 06 RA Estupendo Asia Regional P-rob300c
66 07 Trini Ingenios EL P-rob300c
67 Ashton ESG 21 P-rob300c
68 Partagas Salomon P - grateful1
69 Davidoff Millenium Lonsdale P -grateful1  T- jfields
70 SLR lonsale '03 P-grateful1  T-jfields
71 AF 858 SG 07 P-grateful1 t- KINGANTZ
72 Ramon Allones Gorditos 2010 P-thinde
73 Davidoff Millenium Churchill P-thinde
74 Davidoff Puro Dominicano Robo P-thinde
75 03 Cuaba Distinguidos  p- jfields
76 Ashton ESG 20 Year Salute P-jfields
77 Opus X Lost City Lancero P-jfields
78 Opus #5 '09 P-=kingantz T-freebern
79Tat Noella Reserva OR p- kingantz
80Tat Black New Release P-kingantz
81 Sir Winnie '01 P- kingantz
82 Opus DC '09 p -KINGANTZ
83 HdM Epicure Especial LE 2004 P-freebern
84 Montecristo Sublimes LE 2008 p-freebern
85 HdM DC 1998 (unbanded) p-freebern
86 Opus Chili Pepper  p-freebern
87 Padron Family Reserve No. 50 p-freebern
Be sure you are available. Follow the Pass, and post / PM that you are ready to receive the package when it's your turn.
If you will be out of town, please let me know and I'll try to work around it.

Pass Arrives
When the pass arrives, inventory it, and inspect the condition of the cigars and package, ensuring everything is correct and in good shape.
Publicly post your puts & takes, you don't have to wait on approval, your P/T's are pre-approved because every one of you guys are seasoned passers. The only thing I ask is you don't make large over puts that price out the guys at the end. 
Update the hard copy of the cigar contents (Put & Take List) so inventory for the next guy will be easy.
Try to do a two day turnaround if at all possible because of the heat coming up.

Shipping It:
Check and make sure the next guy in the pass is available via pm and obtain his address.
Make sure you have put the baggies, papers, pens, humidifiers, etc - back in the pass box
Pack it up and make sure there is no movement in the container and no movement within the larger box itself.
If the box is damaged and if you can replace it, please do so.  
Post the Delivery confirmation # when you ship


Got Ink ?
ironpeddler said:
Do we have to shave our heads to play?....and are there any height minimums? 
No, you don't have to shave your head and yes, there is a height minimum. You must be at least 5'5 in heels to play.


Ye Old Newbie
Jonesy said:
Do we have to shave our heads to play?....and are there any height minimums? 
No, you don't have to shave your head and yes, there is a height minimum. You must be at least 5'5 in heels to play.
Damn...can you make an exception to that RULE?


Where did all my money go?
Gary, do your feet touch the ground when you get a chubby? ???

Just wondering.....

Gern Blansten

Active Member
Jonesy said:
Gary, do your feet touch the ground when you get a chubby? ???

Just wondering.....
OMG, hilarious!  When I read jfields post that exact scene is what came to mind.
Nigel Powers:  "My lord! You're a tripod. What you been feeding that thing, eh? It looks like a baby's arm holding an apple. Good thing is, if you ever get tired, you can use it as a kickstand!:
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Got Ink ?
:laugh:...that was the exact scene I was looking for on YouTube, but the only had it in German so I improvised!


Lobstah; the other white meat!
Nashkicker said:
Someday I'll get into this club!Gonna be following this one.
You don't have to be in the club. All you have to do is show up at a friends house when it arrives. Ardy Ararrrrrr!