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These Cohibas & Montes Are Worth A Look


Obviously you're not a golfer.
Dec 28, 2021
Probably gonna pull trigger on both..

The Shorts contain short-filler tobacco and measure 3 1/4 inches by 26 ring gauge. Not to be confused with Clubs or Minis (two other Cuban small-format, machine-made smokes) the Shorts typically come in cardboard packs. While the Cohiba Year of the Rabbit humidor contains 88 Shorts, the Montecristo contains 66. And rather than retailing for thousands of dollars, these can be had for $240 or less.


Probably gonna pull trigger on both..

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I have the Covina shorts and they are really short…. id say shorter than a cig would be. I like the Trinidad ones.. they come in packs like cigs so easier to bring with you and you aren’t paying doe a useless humidor box. Just my 2 cents