This made me lol


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I believe so. These are the new wave Lars Tetens. The OG’s were released sometime around 2006-2009???

These current batches seem to all have an image of his face on the bands.


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I think it was the late 90's when I was just learning about cigars, and I was in a "no Jack Schwartz" level cigar store in Chicago asking about these famous Opus X that CA said tasted like blueberries. Zero Opus, but the guy was hard selling me on Lars, talking about the long lasting serious flavor. Even for a novice, something I did try one on a dare at some point a year later, and didn't taste anything that bad again until last year when, like a dumbass, I sampled a fancy tubed giant Gurkha that tasted like if you filtered Cointreau through a rag you were using while you worked on your lawnmower. A friend got it from a "high roller regular" at his restaurant who swore it was the greatest thing in production.

But 50% off??? Stock up! Lol!


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That didn't last long. I listened to the interview he did with Coop a few months ago. The dude is seriously more delusional now than he was 20 years ago.