Today’s Smoke 2018


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They ain't what they used to be power-wise.
That has to be the case. I smoked a couple within the past year or so that were around 15 years old and were still like little nukes, and probably had another 15 years of spice in them. This one had good Opus flavor, and wasn't something to smoke too quickly, but not that sweet "What were they THINKING???" laughable level of strength. I don't dig it often, but every once in a while it hits the spot.


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They ain't what they used to be power-wise.
I have to agree, I bought some recently rolled xXx and I didn't even need to let them sit for a year to mellow out, still tasted the same and to be honest, I have enough really strong cigars if I want to make myself dizzy.

George Scott

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Another 4 day weekend, man I can get used to this.... retirement here I come, the sooner the better. Took a few breaks for:

EL Partagas E. If these come up again, I highly recommend

No. 4, always a pleasure

Cuaba Divinos, if you like 'em strong

Boli PC. Very tight roll and draw, took way some of the pleasure

Fonseca No. 1


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I like the cuaba divinos. I get a distinct peanut flavor off these. I’ve had fresh and aged. I slightly prefer the aged as it is mellower in my opinion.