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Today’s Smoke 2019


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Been a couple of days and I neglected to take photos because I'm a screwup. Anyway, the first was a no label el cheapo little charmer called Bandidos Sweet I scored in a trade. Surprisingly good! Tonight's treat especial was a Man O' War Legend which was all I expected and more.


One Leg Of Fury.
Time to catch up. As always (recently), in no particular order:




A gift from Jon (Cabaiguan Juan) during his visit. Exquisite.


Another gift from Jon.


And another from Jon. I could go for a box of these.


When I finish the cigar I've been looking forward to all day, yet still want to sit outside and read some more, these always fit the bill.


Comprehensive, but not complete.


One Leg Of Fury.
I know it's not a CC, but what was your take on the Headley Grange? Every one I've smoked (probably about 15-20) has been inconsistent -- really, really great on one draw, and then completely tossable the next. Quite disappointing, being with the Zep reference and all. I wanted to love it, but probably my least favorite of the Crowned Heads lineup I've had so far.

George Scott

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Thanks for fulfilling my wish Bill, albeit over the top. 1995 898.
I don't have super taste buds, but there was a very subtle difference in this cigar then others I'm used to. The cigar was excellent. The flavors I picked up started out with citrus and turned to woody. The flavor and body were mild and the second half was toward medium.