Today's Smoke 2021

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Jan 2, 2021
I have had these properly stored for 30 months, and these just keep getting better & better; wow!!

Gran Habano Zulu Zulu Habano Lancero ....... now, bordering amazing 😍

@Armer I hope the one I sent your way a couple of months ago is half as good as this one

# 1 zulu 1.jpg

# 1 zulu 2.jpg

120 minutes in on a corn cob holder ....... that's the way we do it in Louisiana; LOL ........
# 1 zulu 3.jpg


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Jul 24, 2001
Where I grew up, we had two tracks w/in 25ish miles(Turfway and River Downs), and then of course we had Keenland about an hour away and Churchill Downs a bit further. I love going to the track and watching racing. Man, I do miss that. Late 80's/early 90's we'd hit the track while meeting informants. There was a rider named Lori Wydick who was an up and comer but new. Early races you could bet her to win or place and leave there with plenty of money. I'm not sure where she went form there. If you're a people watcher, Ian;t no better place to go than the track.

Good luck to ya. Remember, ya can't go wrong betting the horse that takes a shit right before getting into the gate. Sure winner! ;)

Floyd T