Veteran's Day Pass


Bone Fixer
[background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]The idea: I wanted to create a pass in honor of Veteran's day. You do not have to be a veteran to join this pass. This pass will include cigars of all kinds, from $5.00 sticks on up. CC's are limited ( I haven't stocked up, so sue me)[/background]

[background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]The catch: I will include a separate box for donations for the troops overseas. You must donate at least one cigar (of any kind...but don't be a cheap skate!) to the box when you do your puts and takes. You can donate more cigars if you like. DO NOT TAKE FROM THE BOX!! This is on the honor system. [/background]

[background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Who gets the donation box: I will send the donation box to kid montana or other dependable long standing member in the armed forces who is deployed overseas. If there is no one deployed overseas I will consult with kid montana or other member who will be able to distribute the sticks to active military members.[/background]

[background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]The extras: If the member you are sending the pass to is a veteran or active armed forces member, please thank that member for their service by sending them a thank you stick. I will not set any minimums on what you send that member (you may not even like that member). This is not required but is a good gesture.[/background]

[background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Rules for Participation (stolen from Jake):[/background]
  • 4 Months membership on the board (Join date on or prior to July 3, 2012)
  • Absolutely NO issues of asshattery during your tenure here
  • You must have a minimum of 40 posts prior to July 3, 2012
  • This can be your first pass, but you must have a minimum of at least one successful trade first.
  • Sorry but as of now no international members due to customs and shipping prices.
[background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Pass Rules:[/background]
  1. Equal puts for Equal Takes…that means value for value, rarity for rarity. DO NOT pm me before you post your Puts and Takes to get my opinion on them. While that is generally acceptable in other passes, the purpose of this pass is for all participants to learn why certain trades are good, and certain trades aren't.
  2. Upon receiving the package please inspect the pass and make sure the humidity is fine. If for some reason the Boveda pack is dry, make sure the cigars aren't dried out and cracking and nothing is damaged or missing. So, do an inventory on not only the cigars and numbers, but make sure they are all there! If there is an issue, please post it in the pass and make all participants and myself aware and we will work through it. Open one of the new boveda packs IF the current one is dry and replace it.
  3. Post your P/T’s as soon as you can so they can be reviewed and discussed. Please fill out the papers with the pass, noting which cigars you took…and what you put for them. Use the correct numbers!!! Be sure to label all of your puts with numbers! Do not ship without making sure the next person in line is available and ready to accept the pass.
  4. Unlimited amount of P/T’s, after all, we have to make this worth everyone’s while.
  5. If at all possible, try to prevent putting a double into the pass…if the cigar you were going to use as a put is already in there, try to find another suitable put. Everyone deserves to have the same variety to choose from that you did.
  6. Always ship with a tracking number and post it in the thread notifying the members that the pass is on the road! Hand-offs are allowed and encouraged if at all possible.
  7. If the box is in bad shape, please replace it before sending it on to the next person.
  8. If you have to drop out at any time or think you will be out of town when your turn in the pass comes up, let the pass members know immediately.
  9. Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you aren't learning pass etiquette and how to participate, then this pass is pointless.
  10. Post everything in the pass thread: questions, concerns, etc.
  11. Since the purpose of this pass is more focused education than anything, there won't be an extravagant cigar line-up, but I will throw in a few nicer and limited sticks for the sake of walking through the P's and T's if anyone wants to trade for them.
Assigning Value:

Value must be confirmed by more than two sources. If there is an issue on puts and takes the issue will be decided by myself and other knowledgeable members of the group. This will be a group decision. Look at other completed passes for sources on cigar values. Just because you paid 15.00 for a cigar in New York doesn't mean you can trade it for a 15.00 cigar bought in Texas. Be sensible about puts and takes.

Please read the CP rules on a cigar pass prior to joining!

Start date: November 7, 2012

Information required sent to me e-mail: Once everyone signs up I will send my e-mail to the group via PM. I will also use an excel spreadsheet for tracking of puts and takes which will be e-mailed to the receiving member and CC'd to me as well.

Phone number:
Social: j/k :)

Member List:
1. Drunkfish3
2. ilikefishes
3. charley
4. tallpaul
5. culturedhick
8. smokin sims
9. joebunaga
10. thumper68
12. aquiring93
13. thechenman

Pass order as of 11/22/12 after tallpaul

1. Chenman
2. Smokin' Sims
3. Modo
4. Thumper
5. Charley
6. Gavin

7. Acquiring
8. Joebunaga
9. Cultured Hick

1. between the lines
2. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Tat TAA '12- one time release[/background]
3. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Padilla 1932 Edicion Limitada 2011 Robusto (Maduro)[/background]
4. Opus X PL
5. montecrsto media noche edmundo
6.[background=rgb(251, 249, 244)] E.P. Carillo Edicion Inaugural 2009[/background]
7.[background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Tat Cojonu 2012[/background]
8. Alec Bradley Fine and Rare
9. tatuaje regios
10. WOAM
11. tatuaje drac
12. undercrown corona doble
13. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Tatuaje Lil Drac[/background]
14. alec bradely prensado Torpedo
15. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Padron Londres Madur[/background]
16. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Padron 1964 Exclusivo Maduro[/background]
17. AF gran reserva king T
18. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Tat Fausto FT153[/background]
19. la duena petite lancero
20. AF reserva extra viejo anejo No. 55
21. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Camacho Triple Maduro Robusto[/background]
22. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]oliva serie V double robusto[/background]
23. oliva V robusto
24. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]7-20-4 Classic Churchill[/background]
25. rocky patel edge Maduro Toro
26. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Padron 1964 Monarco Maduro[/background]
27. opus x fuente fuente robusto
28. opus x fuente fuente belicoso
29. padron family reserve 85 year
30. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Tatuaje Wolfman[/background]
31.[background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Quesada Q d'Etat Daga[/background]
32. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Undercrown Robusto[/background]
33. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Quesada Espana Corona[/background]
34. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Casa Fernadez Miami Petite Robusto[/background]
35. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Tatuaje Baby Face[/background]
36. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)] [/background][background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Arturo Fuente Anejo 50[/background]
37.[background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Tatuaje Frank Jr.[/background][background=rgb(251, 249, 244)] [/background]

38. Bolivar Beli Fino
39. Bolivar Gold Medal
40. [background=rgb(251, 249, 244)]Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especia[/background]

If I need to edit anything please let me know.


Bone Fixer
list updated. there are some good sticks in there. I will add a few more if i find any that would be good to include.


Bone Fixer
Lets get a few more sign ups everyone! If this is your first pass and you have questions on how it works please let us know. Don't be shy!


The evil snowman
Oh man nice list of smokes there!

Unfortunately I dont want to take any chances with customs (when it's for me I'm willing but with all these smokes I'd be too stressed out)
So I'll stick to vitual passes.. :-(