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Love this place...
Jan 25, 2014
I really think that the Patriots will win today, BUT... since the Rams are in my area, I will root for them.

Anyone want to wager a fiver of Cuban cigars?

I will take the Rams

You will take the Patriots...
I have no idea who will win, I don't follow sports, and I don't usually gamble. But, the last two times I gamble here on sports, I won. So I'd like to see if I'm still on a winning streak, and I'll wager you!
I’m out of CC but I would have really taken this bet since the Pats got this!
If I wouldn't be giving tic tac to someone that owned their own candy factory I would be all over this! Still excited to see who wins
George this is on the way, and will get to you on Saturday. Tracking 9405 5036 9930 0417 7891 77
Please let me know when it blows up your mailbox ?
You are very welcome George!

As it turns out, you we’re due for a bomb... 2 birds 1 stone ?

You mean to tell me not only did you hand @George Scott his ass on a wager he won, but you also sent him 8-9-8's (Varnished and Unvarnished I'm Sure) for his MAWPIF want)? Holy shit!!! George, you still alive there buddy?