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Waves' Going-away SoCal Herf!

Me, champion, and Stoggie13 will be there!
A truly epic herf, epic indeed, Shant and I both had an absolute blast. You guys are a bunch great people, it really was a great time kicking back, drinking, laughing, smoking, and otherwise just enjoying total relaxation. Hope your stay over yonder is a good one bud, and it is a damned shame that I hadn't met you sooner.

Dave, seeing as this crazy guy is coming over to your neck of the woods, take care of him. :thumbs:
I couldn't have asked for a better time at the herf mike. We're gonna miss ya, but we'll see your goofy ass in Hawaii!


(Mike with his gift from Stoggie13)




(Champion and Stoggie13)


(Champion lighting a Padilla 32' Salomone)


(Just the beginning of the party!)


Souldog and wavescrashing... Hey, at least our mothers love us!)


(Mike double-fisting!)


(Don't forget poker!)


(One happy SOB!)

We'll miss you Mike, stay safe at the "horrible" post you're going to for 3 YEARS! :laugh:
Good times. We'll miss you Mike....and your fajitas.

I'll mostly miss his bald head, as well as his contribution of awesome. The B.O.A. will never be the same again... :(
Charles and I were a bit late to get to the party but damn was it a blast! Great people, awesome food, and epic smokes all around. Person thanks to Mike for sharing a wonderful stick. He is a true brother of the leaf no doubt. Good luck and thank you homie!
Look at all the SoCal cuties! You guys always look like like you're having such a great time at your herfs. Hopefully Ill make it over there soon...perhaps this summer. Good luck in Hawaii, Mike! :)