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What Beer Are You Drinking 2024

Well, I gave up drinking after my trip to Jeff's cabin in October. Honestly, I don't miss the alcohol so much, but I do miss the taste of beer. This is a nice compromise, even though not quite the same.

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I actually enjoy this one. Definitely not quite the same but pretty damn close.
Kettlehouse Brewing Co.
Their Cold Smoke is one of my go-to beers lately and this one didn’t disappoint. Cocoa and coffe upfront with a crisp, clean dry finish. Yummy!

Stopped in Brattleboro because my wife hasn’t walked downtown in a month! So I went onto Hermitthrush..did a flight…..not a fan.IMG_8283.jpegIMG_8284.jpeg
but I do love the Newfane General Store. Under new management this year and they have a entire cooler devoted to singles of Vt made brews!
Went to Treehouse Brewery in Deerfield Mass. this afternoon. They don't do flights but will let you split a 16oz serving into two different flavors at 8oz each. Could have tried more flavors at 4oz ea but we had a good time.