What coffee did you drink today?


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Had this coffee this morning, it was good, but not as good as the one yesterday...


Here are a few tips that I have learned over the years, that definitely make my coffee taste better:

I always use a bit too much water to rinse my filter, I actually tasted the initial water from rinsing the filter, and it tasted bitter...


I always keep the temperature below 200 degrees (F) Over 200 degrees and you release the bitter flavonoids of the coffee...


When pouring your water, I always use about 100 grams to get the “bloom” going, then I use a little at a time, not letting it dry out, but also not putting too much water which makes the coffee stick to the side of the filter...


The Black Cloud

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Does anyone here subscribe to a coffee subscription service?
A couple. First was Gevalia which I kept for a long while. When I wanted to try other roasters I didn't need that many beans, so I canceled. It didn't help that 1) they got rid of half their blends so it was a smaller selection, and 2) their beans could be found in most markets, so no real need for delivery.

Next was Modern Times, a SoCal local brewery/roaster. They made some interesting blends incorporating barrel aging the beans, but over time I wanted some other stuff, and most of their stuff, while good, was just not to my taste, so I canceled that as well.