What Whiskey, Rum or Cognac are you drinking today.

H. Vachon

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First time trying Woodford. My favorite local liquor store frequently does ‘private selections’ picked by the staff with different distilleries. Probably no distinguishable difference in taste, but it’s cool to have the bottle.


The Black Cloud

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My parents brought this small bottle back from a European vacation last year for me. I finally gave it a try last night. When it poured out a clear liquid I got a little worried. I was expecting a liqueur or even a "wine" but this was straight up fire water. It had a pretty nice apricot sweetness but man was it warm going down the throat. I still have half a bottle left.


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You sure did! What is the Weller bottle and also what did you think of the Widow Jane?
Weller Full Proof. It's a Buffalo Trace product. Hopefully you at least know about some of the Weller line, if not, you need to find some. It's all great. But the Full Proof just released this past year and has been a unicorn to find. I finally came across a bottle, and at MSRP of $73, which make it an even better find. Typically you'll see it going for $200. But not only that, it was a store pick. So the store bought an entire barrel, making it a single barrel as well. It was fantastic.

That Widow Jane is a special release, and honestly it was my first Widow Jane. But I thoroughly enjoy it. I can't speak to their standard line, but I hear good things.

Partagas Culebras

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This week with Cuban cigars... of course some Cuban rum I picked up when I was down in the Yucatan/Merida, Mexico in January.
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Tuesday and Friday night poker game...Jack Single Barrel/Barrel Proof...132!! Don't let the 132 proof scare you, I've had bottles of tamer whiskey and bourbon at less proof and hotter tasting. You have to "half" sip this potion...meaning that a normal sip must be cut in half. It's NOT hot but dang..if you take a regular sip or drink it to fast the alcohol fumes will take your breath away. It has a mouth feel like a dry wine and again is not hot and a little oak/ cinnamon/ leather flavor to it. Good stuff!!!

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