What Wine


Where did all my money go?
I can't say I've laid any wine down for more than 6 months....I just drink it too much...well, we do. Having said that, when you drink the amount of wine like we do, you can't spend $50 per bottle. So we've become pretty good at finding the $10-$15 bottles.

Mark Jackson make good Pinot Noir for about $10-$12.

Cigar Box makes some good big reds for cheap too.

When we want something nice, we go towards a Meiomi which keeps it around $18-$22.

When we want to having something that's incredible.....Belle Glos winery....so damn good it's ridiculous. The Clark and Telephone Pinot Noir is amazing.

We recently bottled our own first batch of Pinot Noir as well, got 30 bottles out of that batch for a cost of around $3 a bottle and tastes/drinks like a $12 bottle.

I am working on some high end kits and aging them right now, that I expect to drink like $20 bottles.

I made the Luna Rossa a few years ago Wyatt, and actually had people accuse me of removing labels off of high end bottles and putting on my own. It’s a pretty damn good blend if you’re into kits?