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What's Your Latest Purchase

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Just some stuff

I now have wood, :love:
Nice buy.
BTW how was the CAO Brazilia Gol ?

I haven't smoked it yet. I have a problem of buying cigars and just building my collection with them....

Smoked the WOAM tonight. Started off a little slow but ended very nicely. I think the secret to these (for me anyway) is smoking them just one puff at a time (as compared to taking two or three draws at a time). The tiny little thing lasted an hour and 15 minutes!! (that's what she said)
Picked up a box of Liga Privada No 9 Corona Doble, a Box of Liga Privada T52 Toros...

and 7 Franks and some Tat Blacks :D
Christmas in March...

- PLPC 50 Cab
- Trini Reyes
- San Cristobal El Principe

Spring is going to be nice around here...
Edit: Sorry, forgot about the no sources rule! Mods feel free to delete!
Not open for further replies.