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Which do you like better?

I've never seen a scope with a turret on the left? They are usually top and right?

Rotate the scope 90 degrees to the right and the turrets are on the top and right sides, and the adjustment ring is generally closer to the looking into end. And Nikon has made scopes with 3 turrets, or at least three turret looking knobs. I think this one has illuminated reticle, so maybe a battery.

One of us is drinking! The scope on that Ruger is mounted correctly. Are you talking about the laser thing under the barrel? Maybe it's a Kentucky thing, but that's the direction we mount scopes on firearms. Just sayin'! 🤔 🥃

Floyd T
Maybe that’s the reason @CigarStone did not bag any deer this season 😉.

just kidding Jeff for all I know about guns that could be a second barrel and not a scope 🥺
I've never seen a scope with a turret on the left? They are usually top and right?
Generally, if there is a turret on the left side, it's either a side mounted adjustable objective(instead of having it on the front objective, or a light control for a lighted reticle. They aren't very common but they all offer versions in different scopes. If yer bored, check out "side paralax adjustment" and "adjustable objective" or adjustable paralax. You'll see them on the front of the scope and side(opposite the windage adjustment). 👍

Floyd T
Oh... And silver is more aesthetically pleasing.
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