Wow! Smacking me back to the forum....

Tall Paul

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So obviously I’ve been a bit quiet lately and have had very little time to check in to see how everyone is doing and what’s new. To say life has been crazy this summer would be an understatement. The kids (Aria 2-1/2 and Dawson 1) are out of their minds... lol they have my wife and I running around every day. Not to mention I’m still traveling NE every day doing an average of 1200 miles a week.

Well anyway yesterday I come home to a box of cigars a note that brought a tear to my eye! Bill @CigSid and Tom @thinde I can’t thank you guys enough for the love. It truly means a lot to me that you would send such a nice gesture my way. It’s guys like you that make this place feel like home. I miss each and everyone of you here and I’ll get back to being more active again soon. My unread thread page is 6 pages long so I have some reading to do... 😂

Thank you again!


One Leg Of Fury.

I was just looking through an old thread last night and thinking that I haven't seen you around in a while, Paul. Working hard beats the alternative. Cherish every day with your kids when they are that age, even when they are little shits, because it will be gone before you know it.

Then they are teenagers and they make life REALLY hard... :D


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GREAT JOB Gentlemen! Such an act of kindness by two of the best BsOTL!!

But it's obvious that most of you actually haven't spent any quality time with Paul in person....if you had, you'd realize what a waste of good cigars this was.

But, look at it this way, consider what Tom & Bill did as a more of a pity bombing.

PS: Tom I am surprised time at the QSH you should put in your hearing aids and try listening to Paul. Bill on the other hand is across the country and can only go by what is written in all our posts. We cover for Paul and lie a lot. He's really a douche.....😘

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Damn! Great hit guys! Y’all don’t use the term “family” lightly around here. It’s awesome to watch this kind of stuff happen!

Tall Paul

"insecure little bitch"
OK OK the plot thickens! As you can imagine like most of you we have an Amazon truck in our driveway everyday. It is not uncommon that i come home to a giant pile of boxes, Daily! Well Friday i got home late from work and found a normal mountain of boxes. Not thinking anything of it I drag the boxes into the house for another day.

Well Saturday morning I get up and clean up the house ans start the normal un-boxing of the weeks amazon orders. The first two boxes were two cases of baby wipes. Normal order stuff but a bit excessive so I thought to my self "Well shes at it again. Stocking up I guess" I then move onto 3 giant boxes. I open the first one and on the inside the inner box is gift wrapped... LOL I them open the other two and same thing. So I text the wife and say "What did you order gift wrapped." thinking there is a birthday or something coming up i am not aware of or I was told and I was "listening". To my surprise she said it wasn't her. So I open the first one and it is a case of paper towels. I nearly pissed my pants laughing. I then open the other three and find the same. 3 cases of paper towels... LOL


At this point I notice the shipping label... Tall Paul Harrison Not the normal Labels to my wife so I assume this is someone screwing with me!

So I then text our closes friends thinking they are fucking with me because I typically rant to them about the amount of shit my wife stocks up on from amazon. We literally have 70+ rolls of toilet paper in this house currently. Not to mention the dozens of other things... FML Well to my surprise they swear it was not them. So that brings me here next!

It must have been one of you and to whoever sent this stuff I cant thank you enough and my wife thanks you very much as well. I would love to know who sent it or at least can someone confirm it did come from here?

We were actually low on Paper towels and wipes so this was great timing.

Thank you again!