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You Learn Something About Pirates Every Year Pass


Making friends everywhere!
Aug 24, 2006

The "You Learn Something About Pirates Every Year Pass"

Who am I kidding, most of the return players probably didn't learn shit in the last year, buncha slackers. For those of you that don't remember/didn't play last year (click me) or the year before, here is the general idea: I am big on learning about (and how to do) new things. Each participant in this
pass, at the time of their P/T, is invited to teach us about something they learned since the last time we did this.

Per the norm (for this pass obv. which isn't normal at all) normal pass rules apply with the exception that I don't care much about 'segregating' p/t by country of origin. If you are gonna take something OOP or unique, use your head in determining your puts. Lineup of players and sticks will gradually reveal itself over the next few days. I do have three main rules that should be common sense but lets restate them anyways:

1)Check with next in line to verify their address. If you can't get in touch with them then don't send it on, we will figure out what to do. Last year we almost lost this thing so lets be careful.

2) At the very least spotcheck the contents to look for obvious problems. If a cigar is fraying/damaged then please let us know so it can be pulled. Check the humidity so we don't end up with a beetle/mold problem.

3) If the pass is pirated on your watch Gary will come to your house in a thong and a sombrero and make you wax his nether regions.

If these rules seem too difficult go play in the kiddie pool FFS, otherwise lets have a good time. BTW, it clearly looks like the pirate is up to something again....

Here is this year's pass map.... Ok it is last years but I threw some new shit on there, who are you to judge me anyways?



Blue Dragon

Stormin Mormon

Jack Straw
Cigar Smoke

Mark Twain

Napa Smokes
Jack Sparrow heathen pirate
The Walrus
The Carpenter

Dog Rockets

  1. Punch London Club Maduro (yeah, THAT one) Take: YeahthatsJoe
  2. Ashton ESG Robusto Take: BlueDragon pirate
  3. Anejo 48 Take: DePasta
  4. 858 SG '02 Take: Bfisher88
  5. [Diamond Crown Maximus Churchill 2005 Take: Jack Straw
  6. Don Carlos Lancero Take: Tasman
  7. BTL
  8. Opus #2
  9. Opus Chili PepperTake: DePasta
  10. Casa Fuente Corona GordaTake: mmburtch
  11. Davidoff Millennium LanceroTake: mmburtch
  12. El Centurion Toro Take: Bfisher88
  13. My Father Robusto Take: Bfisher88
  14. Outlaw BTTB LFD 2007 Take: BlueDragon pirate
  15. Padron 1926 #35 maduro Take: Robbie
  16. Padron 40th Natural Take: Bfisher88
  17. Padron 1926 #6 Maduro
  18. Padron Millennium Maduro Take: NorCalCigarLover
  19. Custom Baseball Bat by Don PepinTake: DePasta
  20. OR Tatuaje Cohete Take: mmburtch
  21. [sTatuaje RC 184 Take: Anthem
  22. SLR A (2001) Take: Seadub
  23. RyJ Short Churchill (2008) Take: Simmsboard
  24. Monte 4 (2008) Take: Sneed
  25. Trinidad Coloniales (2006) Take: BlueDragon pirate
  26. Trinidad Fundadores (1998) Take: Swissy
  27. Custom Rolled Robo (From Mark, CM5 wrapper, VR Filler) Take: Tom
  28. HdM Regalos EL (2007)
  29. [s]Monte D EL (2005)[/s] Take: Tom
  30. H. Upmann Mag 50 EL (2005) Take: Tasman
  31. Petite Punch Deluxe (1975)
  32. RyJ Corona (1975)
  33. Dunhill Mojito
  34. Tat Black Take: BlueDragon pirate
  35. Parti Lusitania (2001) Take: Swissy
  36. Boli CE (1998) Take: Tasman
  37. Grape White Owl (2 Pack!) Take: Dr. Balls
  38. 07' Opus X Double Corona Put: Bfisher88
  39. LFD Limitado III Put:Bfisher88
  40. Oliva V Maduro Put: Bfisher88
  41. LFD PuffStuff Lancero Culebra Coffin Put: Bfisher88
  42. AF Anejo Sandshark Put: mmburtch Take: Sneed
  43. VR Maestro RE Put: mmburtch Take: NorCalCigarLover
  44. AVO LE05 Put: mmburtch Take: Sneed
  45. Anejo 50 2002 Put: mmburtch
  46. Taboada Piramide Put: Swissy
  47. Cohiba Siglo VI '04 Put: Swissy Take: Tasman
  48. Anjeo 48 Put: Swissy
  49. Cohiba Sublime EL '04 Put: NorCalCigarLover Take: BlueDragon pirate
  50. Por Larranga Lonsdale RE Exclusivo Alemania Put: NorCalCigarLover Take: Tasman
  51. Tatuaje Bombazos Put: NorCalCigarLover Take: YeahthatsJoe
  52. San Cristobal de la Habana La Punta Put: NorCalCigarLover Take: Sneed
  53. Opus X BBMF Put: DePasta
  54. Padron 80th Ann. Maduro Put: DePasta Take: Elittle
  55. LFD Camaroon Lancero Put: DePasta Take: Robbie
  56. Montecristo Sublime EL 08 Put: Tasman Take: BlueDragon pirate
  57. PSD No. 5 EL '08 Put: Tasman
  58. Cohiba Piramid EL '06 Put: Tasman
  59. Cohiba Double Corona EL '03 Put: Tasman Take: Seadub
  60. God of Fire Double Robusto 2005 Put: Tasman Take: Jack Straw
  61. Cohiba Double Corona EL '03 Put: Blue Dragon for DePasta Take: Elittle
  62. Davidoff Special "T" Put: Blue Dragon Take: Dr Balls
  63. Tatuaje Zona del Este Put: Blue Dragon Destroyed
  64. Punch Black Prince 2000 Put: Blue Dragon
  65. [sDon Carlos Lancero Put: Blue Dragon Take: YeahthatsJoe
  66. Padron Millenium Maduro Put: Blue Dragon Take: Simmsboard
  67. La Unica Perfecto 110th Anniversary Put: Blue Dragon Take: Jack Straw
  68. Some fuckin Illusione I can't remember Put: Blue Dragon Take: Tom
  69. Diamond Crown Maximus Stanfords 90th Put: Sneed
  70. Avo 22 Put: Sneed
  71. Partagas de Partagas No. 1 ARA EA 00 Put: Sneed
  72. ]LFD Double Press Habano Put: Sneed Take: YeahthatsJoe
  73. Opus Robo Put: Dr Balls
  74. Opus Robo Put: Dr Balls
  75. Opus Robo Put: Dr Balls
  76. Opus Perf X Put: Dr Balls
  77. Anejo 49 Put: Dr Balls
  78. Tat Black Robo Put: Dr Balls Take: cigar smoke
  79. Padron 6k Maduro Put: YeahthatsJoe Take: Elittle
    [*]Tat Boris Put: YeahthatsJoe Take: cigar smoke
  80. Anejo Sand Shark Put: YeahthatsJoe Take: step13
  81. LFD FP1 Put: YeahthatsJoe Take: Anthem
  82. Tat Drac Put: YeahthatsJoe Take: Anthem
  83. Boli Petite Beli EL 2009 Put: YeahthatsJoe Take: grateful1
  84. Ramon Allones Brioso(NC) mid to late 90s Put: YeahthatsJoe
  85. Fuente Don Arturo Gran AniverXarioso Sungrown Put: Simmsboard
  86. Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro(2008) Put: Simmsboard Take; cigar smoke
  87. PuffStuff DPG Blue Label Lancero '08.5) Put: Robbie
  88. Cohiba Lancero '08 Put: Robbie
    [*]Yarrr! Put: Anthem Take: Elittle
    [*]Arrrr! Put: Anthem
    [*]Garrr! Put: Anthem
    [*]Padron 40th Maduro Put: Anthem
    [*]LFD FP2 Put: Anthem
    [*]Tat Frank Put: Anthem Take: Jack Straw
    [*]Diamond Crown # 6 Maduro Put: Jack Straw
    [*]Zino Platinum Barrel Tubo Put: Jack Straw
    [*]LFD Factory Press I Put: Jack Straw
    [*]Opus X A ('08) Put: Jack Straw
    [*]Avo LE 08 Put: Jack Straw
  89. Hamlet Custom Roll 2007 (5 3/4 x 50 ish) Put: Tom Take: cigar smoke
  90. Bolivar Legendarios RE Switzerland (2008) Put: Tom Take: grateful1
  91. El Triunfadore Put: Tom Take: cigar smoke
  92. 2007 Por Larranaga Robusto RR Put: cigar smoke
    [*]2006 Punch Super Robusto RR Put: cigar smoke Take: grateful1
  93. 2007 Partagas Culebras (3) in coffin Put: cigar smoke
  94. 2000 EL Montecristo Robusto Put: cigar smoke Take: step13
  95. 2007 Puff Stuff Pepin Blue Lanceros LE Put: cigar smoke
  96. PL Lonnie RE 2006 Put: grateful1
  97. PSD3 EL 2006 Put: grateful1
  98. Trini EL Put: grateful1 Put: grateful1
  99. Davidoff Short Perfecto Put: grateful1 Put: grateful1
  100. Opus Lover Affair Put: grateful1 Put: grateful1
  101. Davidoff Chateau Latour 1980's Put: Jfields
  102. Don Alfredo Seleccion No. 55 mid to late 60's Put: Jfields
  103. Anejo No. 48 OR (2000) Put: Jfields
  104. Opus Shark Put: Kingantz Take Elittle
  105. Tat Black Tubo Put: Kingantz
  106. Padilla Dominus Robusto Put: Kingantz
  107. Cohiba Sublime Put: Seadub
  108. RyJ Churchill Tubo '01 (LAC SEPT 01) Put: Seadub
  109. 01 HU Super Corona Put: Step13
  110. Don Carlos Senior Blend Put: Step13
  111. 1983 Partagas 898 UV Put: Step13
  112. Padron Millennium Maduro Put: Elittle
  113. Wolter's BGM Put: Elittle
  114. Illusione CG4 Put:Elittle
  115. God of fire robo 2005 Put: Elittle
  116. Casa Fuente CG Put:Elittle
  117. AVO LE 07 Put: Elittle
Man that was quick Emo, where have you been bro?
Sounds like it's time for a contest!

Ok...I know I'm out of the loop for getting shit out right now...but...I know Phil has a few cigars he can get rid of.

Contest open to non-pass participants!

For a 5r' of phil's cigars...please post about something you've learned this year.

Pictures a plus.

One post per person....so make it a good lesson!

...this will go for a while but I'll give a heads up as to the end date!
Sounds like it's time for a contest!

Ok...I know I'm out of the loop for getting shit out right now...but...I know Phil has a few cigars he can get rid of.

Contest open to non-pass participants!

For a 5r' of phil's cigars...please post about something you've learned this year.

Pictures a plus.

One post per person....so make it a good lesson!

...this will go for a while but I'll give a heads up as to the end date!
When reviewing uber rare cigars for the community, use very descriptive terms such as "granola smoothie" to ensure the legitimacy of the cigar that no one else will be able to try. :)
Sorry for the post guys... I was a bit out of line with that..

All hopped up with sugar today.. I will stand down.
Losing your pass to pirates can be frustrating, but the pirates always return the pass in much better shape than they found it in! :D
Eustace Kennedy Shriver hasn't been in the ground 48 hrs.