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    Aging: is there such thing as too long?

    I had a 15+ year old LFD Double Ligero Churchill Especiale that still had plenty of flavor and kick.
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    Hank Proia RIP Devil Doc.

    I only check in now and then and it's moments like this I realize I need to check in more. I never met or talked directly to Doc, but he always carried himself with honor. He was a straight shooter, and I know some people got butthurt at times. But he was usually right. He is woven into the...
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    1950 Monte #3

    That's awesome that the Monte still has legs after all these years. Thanks for sharing the review.
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    AVB's 15th anniversary Impossible Trivia

    Congrats on the anniversary!
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    Said goodbye to my brother today!

    Sorry for your loss Anthony. That is a tough one for sure.
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    Cool Find

    I have been doing well John. Life is busy between work and raising 16, 14, and 12 year old boys. No complaints though, life is pretty good. How are you doing? I still lurk around here and I still get out to enjoy a cigar. I have really cut back on the buying and collecting part and been trying...
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    Cool Find

    Very cool!
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    Backpacking (pic heavy)

    Looks like a great trip! I love the Beartooths. We just spent 10 days up around Glacier and then Missoula and Bozeman doing dayhikes. Beautiful country.
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    Friend stuck in Deerfield, IL needs some help

    Cigars & More in Long Grove or Libertyville would be good options for being in Deerfield. I tend to frequent the Long Grove shop since its a little closer. Good selection and good place to hang. The shop that used to be in Deerfield closed a few years back. In terms of anything to do, there are...
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    Looking for Rum suggestions

    In addition to all the recommendations above, a really good producer that is not to crazy expensive is Plantation. Their regular production is very good for drinks and sipping. Then you can explore their bottles from individual islands for a little more cost. They ferment and age them on the...
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    Prayer Request

    Prayers Sent!
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    What is Wrong with You People?

    Doing well my friend. Life remains busy but enjoyable. Boys are getting big 15,13, and 11. Still find time to enjoy a cigar now and then. I hope all is well with you.
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    What is Wrong with You People?

    I just realized that I just had my 10 year anniversary as well. Lol! They will let anyone in here.