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    Happy Birthday Mr. Fields!

    Happy belated Birthday John......Hope you had a great day!!!!!!
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    Help for the wife and Contest!

    You got my vote, great picture. Good Luck!!!!!! Bob
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    Punch Royal Coronations Tubo 1980’s

    Very nice review Greg, glad you enjoyed it. Too bad the opening 1/3 was semi plugged. I'm glad you took pictures of the tube which has an interesting plastic plug/cap unlike the modern screw caps or even the newer slide tubes. Bob
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    Happy 29th B-Day Phil (insight)

    Happy Birthday Phil, enjoy your day!!!!
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    Happy B-Day David (NorCalCigarLover)

    Hey David, Long time no see. Have a great Birthday hope all is well. Bob
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    A New To Me Aristocrat MXT Plus

    NICE!!!!!!! Congrats Rob.....Beautiful unit. Bob
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    Happy B-Day Rob (BobbyRitz)

    Happy Bithday Rob, enjoy your day!!!!!
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    Please pray for my Grandma

    Prayers sent. Sorry to hear news. Bob
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    Happy Birthday John! (jfields)

    Happy Birthday John!!!!! Best Regards Bob
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    May be in order...

    Welcome back Matt!!! I hope things start looking up for you. Bob
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    Welcome to the world

    Congrats David!!!! Bob
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    Shameless Self Promotion

    Congrats....Well done. Bob
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    Bolivar Coronas Extra Cabinet 2003

    Glad you enjoyed it Greg...... Bob
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    Hoy De Monterrey Epicure Especial EL 2004

    Great review Greg and your quite welcome. These have settled down a bit since being released which often happens with the Hoyo's with age. They were medium to full bodied 6 years ago and have steadily lost some of it's original strength but retained it's delicious flavor profile. Glad you...
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    Amazing generosity!

    My Pleasure Greg...Enjoy my friend. Bob