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Recent content by denverdog

  1. denverdog

    Winter brews - recommendations

    There are some wonderful winter warmers that come out this time of year. Here are a few I always look forward to, yes a bit of a Colorado bias but nevertheless, great beers! Odells Isolation Great Divide Hibernation Deschutes Jubelale Avery Old Jubilation
  2. denverdog

    Stone VE 11.11.11

    Stone typically distributes the epic's and other special releases to their entire distribution area. I would expect you to get it but if not let me know, happy to help you and Brent track it down.
  3. denverdog

    Three Floyds Brewing

    Looks like a great time, sack! How was DLD this past year? Wasn't able to make it out but hoping for 2012!
  4. denverdog

    Oskar Blues Bourbon Barrel Ten Fidy

    Yea yea yea! I need to visit this place more than once a year. A trip out to CO is a helluva idea man! Get your ass out here quade! I have a line on GABF tickets for anyone that missed them and still wants to come. EDIT TO ADD - If you guys do make it out for GABF or any other random event we...
  5. denverdog

    Happy birthday Denverdog!

    Thanks for the well wishes, boys. I have been somewhat of a deadbeat cper, need to get my ass over here more often and see what you SOB's are up to! And Rob, yes it has been forever but of course I want that beer! You are a true gentlemen to save my cellar space and put a couple of years on it...
  6. denverdog

    Oh how a year changes things...

    I would say yes, absolutely it could be because tastes change over time. It could also be because its a completely different batch and while the recipe and the way they brew it remain the same, there are inevitably going to be differences. The big 3 brewers spend millions on quality control to...
  7. denverdog

    The Angel's Share

    Nice review, Justin. I haven't had one of these in a long time and was wondering how they were holding up. :thumbs:
  8. denverdog

    What beer did you drink today?

    Last night I had a Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout. It reminded me of KBS but it had a much thicker/creamier mouthfeel. Excellent stuff. :thumbs:
  9. denverdog

    Dark Lord Day

    Mike, I am more than likely going to be there again so I will work something out with ya. :thumbs:
  10. denverdog

    What beer did you drink today?

    Damn its been a while since I have posted but here is what I have had in the last couple of weeks. Russian River Pliny the Younger - It was excellent but the bar here in Denver freakin gouged for it. $7 for an 8 ounce pour. New Belgium/Redstone Meadery Black Folie - This is a custom blend of...
  11. denverdog

    What beer did you drink today?

    I would agree with that. I have sampled an 11 about every six months since its release and the last one I had in October definitely seemed to have peeked. Its always possible for it to be an odd period for it and maybe another year or two could actually cause some improvement, crazier things...
  12. denverdog

    Let us bow our heads...

    This is terrible news. Hopefully it won't affect production. I have had several disasters, albeit on a smaller scale. This happened in May 2009, may he RIP.. :(
  13. denverdog

    I Like Beer

    Beer is alright, I suppose... More of a hard cider guy myself.
  14. denverdog

    What beer did you drink today?

    Stopped by Dry Dock last night for a few pints. Enjoyed several glasses of the Naked Porter on nitro. Damn I love living 2 miles from this place. :thumbs:
  15. denverdog

    Great American Beer Festival '09

    Gentlemen, it sounds like we will be having our Saturday afternoon HERF and tasting @ Casa De Matt. Details to follow. Mike, your box arrived and I am sure the boys are going to dig the beers you sent, you are the man! Also, the weather here has been interesting lately. We had snow yesterday...