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Recent content by DirtyDave

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    Diablo III

    I've had a chance to play the beta a bit. It's pretty fun. The graphics look quite good as well for only being in beta stage. Should be worth the purchase.
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    Happy birthday, Anthem!

    Happy Birthday my good friend! I hope it's a wonderful day.
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    You guys should all be ashamed of yourselves!

    The Partagas are definitely better quality, but I love the JLP's. Sure, you run into the occasional paper scrap, or big stem, or any other imperfection with them, but for the price, they are an outstanding smoke. A yard gar that I've never been shy about giving to someone both newbie and...
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    Decisions? Need Help on new purchase of humidor

    Welcome to CP. Why don't you head over to the introduction forum and tell us a little about yourself. I personally don't have any experience with the cabinet of which you speak, so best of luck.
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    Happy Birthday Brian! I hope it's a great one!
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    What's the meaning of your CP name?

    My sense of humor tends to travel toward the gutter rather quickly. That earned me the nickname "dirtball" from some of my friends. My first name is Dave, so I figured DirtyDave would work. It's fun being a pervert until HR gets involved... :p
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    Happy 31st B-Day Dave (DirtyDave)

    Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! I'm still around, just reading more, posting less. It was a great birthday with friends and family. What more could a guy ask for? Thanks again everyone, and happy Easter!
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    Gonna buy my first box

    What have you tried that you've liked?
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    I have been made humble...

    Hahaha, I learned my lesson last year. ;) Nice hit!
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    irish car bombs

    This is how I've always had them too. Sometimes with a little 151 on top to light on fire before dropping it into the glass of Guinness. Yum! I haven't had one of these in far too long.
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    The job-hunt is OVER!

    Great news Jeff! I hope you love it there. Now you can have one less thing to stress about this Christmas, and you can stop working the corner. It's too damn cold for those short shorts you were wearing.
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    A Lovely Time at the Lovelace Home (KingAnts)

    Always great to hear about stuff like this. I always have fun when Matthew comes around. BTW, how long did that cigar in the picture take him to smoke? My money's on 10 minutes, 15 tops!
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    Headed Back to Being a True PUNK Lawyer...

    Congrats Stu! I hope you will be very happy with your new firm! Phillies Peach FTW
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    Cigar Girl® for 11/30/10

    Very nice way to end November.