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    Blue Tooth Ear Buds

    Hello! Gear geek here! I will break this down super simple! Apple AirPods - (I can get you a discount because I work for Apple and we have a friends and family discount) They work great, people love them but the most common issue is people losing one or both buds. They are also intended for...
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    Louisville locations?

    Any recommendations on a good shop here in Louisville or somewhere local around the Louisville area?
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    Were you a good S/BOTL? What did Santa bring?

    I got a set of Phillips Hue lights to set the mood when Im smoking haha
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    Well well well Cparker, maybe you have been good!

    I am glad you like them! Have a wonderful holiday to you and yours!
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    My package arrived! Its a bit beat up from a rough journey, but I think its ok! Thank you so much Santa! Astro has managed to brutally murder both stuffed animals in under 10 minutes, and he is puzzled by the green squeaky toy! The bones I will give them Christmas day! Thanks for thinking of me...
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    Its probably just the holiday delays! Thanks Santa!
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    Not yet! Do you have a tracking?
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    What's Your Latest Purchase? 2017

    You probably can hear the sound of me popping a boner from here over those anejos.
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    Acclaym's Humidor Build

    Hot damn
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    Astro likes toys he can murder, and Rin likes bones.
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    Well Santa, theres few things in this world I love more than cigars. Women, motorcycles and my dogs. In that order. As far as what I want for cigars from Santa for Christmas? Well hell, I dont know! Although I cannot say my doctor would approve of me smoking coals, I think I'd like to be...
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    What has been your experience with moldy cigars?

    That I would not assume that kind of substance on my cigars to be a positive thing. I would not smoke those cigars until properly treated or disposed of, nothing about that looks healthy.
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    Sharing Thanksgiving

    happy thanksgiving!