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    Anyone into Courvoisier ERTE?

    Drink them. That's what they're made for.
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    Kansas City 6/24-28

    I'll be out in the KC / Ft. Leavenworth area next week for work if anyone wants to meet up. I'll be locked up during the day... not literally, being Leavenworth and all, but busy. Nights should be open after 5. If nothing comes up, I'll at least be at the Outlaw for a nightly smoke.
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    Colorado Springs Trip 7/19-28

    Oh shit, can I crash this? I'll be there the week of the 15th, not sure if I'll stay the weekend, but maybe I can play with my flights. I think I have to be out in WA the next week, so maybe I'll just go from there.
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    Smoking multiple cigars in a day

    No cleansing. Just fire up the next smoke.
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    Happy birthday Kann

    Happy birthday Brother!
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    LF vegetable and beef stew with savory broth Good discussion on Belgian beers and adding bread to stew at the end of that last one.
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    LF vegetable and beef stew with savory broth

    Make it with wine: Or make it with beer: The first with mashed taters, the second over fries, of course. I usually say any good Belgian dark beer (I used Westvleteren the last time I...
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    CBD Hemp oil.

    What brand and dose for your dog? Our border/golden mix is getting slow with her hind legs, going on 16. Never considered this, though.
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    I need some website geek help.

    Just turn on incognito mode and she'll never know.
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    I was not a fan when I heard this

    "crack troops" is a good example of why it needs to be co-ed.
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    Any Peloton Bike riders?

    I assume you can ride without the content, if you're so inclined? After a subscription period is up.
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    Any Peloton Bike riders?

    $110 a month? For how long or do you rent it eternally?