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    Mixed Drinks

    Ok, so I may be way out in left field here but I was wondering if any of you like mixed drinks and had any good recipes to share.
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    What beer did you drink today? 2015

    I just tried a 31 Stout by Bayou Teche Brewery, it wasn't really that great, don't see myself picking up any of those in the future. Its funny it got a pretty good rating on uptapped, but just didn't do it for me.
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    My new summer drink

    I'd like to try it for sure. Guess I'll order a mug from prime since I'm addicted to prime anyways.
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    The CP Make-a-Wish PIF Thread

    It seems we are a few days out on this one. Maybe the holiday slowed the arrival? Who is up?
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    What was your first real cigar?

    My first real cigar was a Cohiba Red Dot. Had it on a motorcycle ride with a couple of buddies. That was about 3-4 years ago now. Still smoking with the same buddy, gave him his first humidor for a recent birthday. Its really amazing how this hobby binds people of all types.
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    Funky Budda and Ft. LauderdALE

    While in Florida I visited the Funky Budda Brewery. It was a really cool place, was curious if anyone else had ever been there. Tried some interesting beers, a couple of the better ones were a Key Lime Pie beer and a Pip's Paddle.   Also in the same...
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    Love those por larranaga encantos - almost gone.

    I really enjoy these as well. One of the best PL I have had and I would go as far to say some of the best CC's out there.
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    Getting Your Feet Wet Pass #4

    It was a blast guys, thanks for having me in on this one. Honestly it made me aware that there were a couple of other CigarPass folks not to far from me. Now next time I run to Houston I have someone else to meet up with. This was a very well run pass with a few rules, but sometimes rules are...
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    What beer did you drink today? 2015

    Had a Summer Sandia - Watermelon Wheat beer today. It was ok but a little to bitter for me, especially when you think of a watermelon beer being slightly sweet. The flavor had some good sweet hints but to much bitter. I even switched glasses at one point and that seemed to help a little just not...
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    Beer PIF 2015

    WOW, that was an incredible hit, you guys really have me wanting to join this, but I'm just not ready yet. Want to get all my shipping stuff together first. But soon yea buddy :).
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    Getting Your Feet Wet Pass #4

    Good thing there are brothers like Gary on the site to pull up the slack. Brian, no worries it happens to all of us, believe me I understand completely. I work for Citgo and am finally getting a breather after working most of the year so far. I'm sure Gary just like the rest of us are just happy...
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    Getting Your Feet Wet Pass #4

    Ron, thanks for playing. Hope you enjoy your contest winnings.
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    Getting Your Feet Wet Pass #4

    I believe serious always has around 10 percent off box prices but that may be in store only. Normally half of the fun in shopping for cigars is finding a deal. I don't normally use sites like ci or famous cause they have the above prices often. If you look around you can find better deals...
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    Beer PIF 2015

    Thanks brother. I'm I'm beaumont often, I will check the next time I go in.
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    Getting Your Feet Wet Pass #4

    Theron I beli that is correct because you do not want to devalue the stick for later on. Looking forward to seeing your puts and takes brother. Long ashes and have fun.