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    Humidor Trouble

    Vote for boveda here too. I'd get rid of the foam, xikar puck and use 2 $4 sized packs that should last 6+ months. Write the dates on the packs when you put them in, and if they don't last at least 4 months, the humidor likely has a leak.
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    NewAir 281 Build

    Looks great! I'm in the market for a used or S&D one myself. Glad it worked out for you.
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    Quad State Herf 12 - July 29th, 2017

    New to the area, always heard about this Herf, would love to get on the wait list too please.
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    My first haul

    Congrats! The first buy is always an exciting one! Purely aesthetically speaking though - is it just me or are ISOMs really not as pretty as non-CCs? I don't say this to be disrespectful to OP, but because I personally notice this everytime I look at my (small but nonetheless) CC collection...
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    Thoughts on this humidor?

    I've seen this in person at IPCPR and it's beautiful. It's the exact one I wanted for myself but didn't have the means then. My favorite part was the drawer slides that feel really smooth and high quality. Less favorite was the hardware on the front just because it isn't my style but that's an...
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    Moving to northern Jersey!

    Thanks everyone for the recommendations!! Being busy with the move kept me away from this thread for a bit. But I'm excited to check out the places you guys mentioned. I'll definitely put it on my calendar to contact you in a few months. I've been a lurker long enough to know how special the...
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    Moving to northern Jersey!

    Yup, making my move from Texas all the way to northern New Jersey this month. Found a nice place in West Orange for now and I'll be bringing my car. Any tips, tricks or advice on living, sightseeing and traveling around there? Much appreciated!
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    Houston Area Herf

    Lol I think you were out of town!
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    Houston Area Herf

    Great to see you again! Been too long!
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    Newbie question

    Here's a couple of my favorites under $6: Joya Red Robusto Fuente 858 Mad Oliva Serie O Robusto Nat & Mad AJ Fernandez Last Call DE Nica Rustica Short Robusto Esteban Carreras 211 EC ChupaCabra Corona Maduro Illusione Rothchild La Aroma de Cuba New Blend RoMa Intemperance BA & EC CAO Gold &...
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    Blind Cigar Review Thread #2

    Good review! Great cigar!
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    Blind Cigar Review Thread #2

    Great review! Sorry it was way too easy, will have to try harder next time!
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    Xikar lighter?

    I purge mine differently. I hold the lighter upside down and purge out the air while the gas stays at the bottom of the tank. Keep lighter upside down and fill with butane and repeat the process till the whole thing fills. But more importantly, if you don't see a spark, that's a totally...
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    Blind Cigar Review - Pay it Forward #2!

    Hah! No, I just went ahead and paid for the shipping label ahead of time. Still waiting till Monday.
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    Blind Cigar Review - Pay it Forward #2!

    9405 8036 9930 0313 5977 47