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    No bluue Christmas for you!

    Enjoy, young man. You deserve it. You’re a great brother and you help make CP the amazing place that it is! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Be safe, and smoke up!
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    Le Primauguet? WTF Kinda Cigar Handle is That?

    Hey Charles, I'm glad you liked the gift via video, it'll be even nicer in person. Yes, some of those cigars are 15 to 18 years old. Especially the AF Signature maduros. Like I said, out of my personal humidor! Enjoy the sweet treats, cigar swag, and smokes. This is how we do it at Cigar Pass...
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    ironpeddler, are you worthy?

    Ho Ho Ho, Gary! So glad to hear everything made it safely. ENJOY!!!
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    Working on a Christmas miracle, turning water into wine that’ll get us some @Drunkfish3

    Got some cryptic numbers from Mrs. Claus said I had to give them to you. 9505 5108 6158 2353 9245 80
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    Just Santa and his Thoughts

    HO HO HO! You don't know shit about fuck, Marty. And to all a goodnight!
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    He's Known For CRITICAL Acclaim, but we still like him all the same.. @Acclaym, 'Tis Your Time!

    No Hustlers? And have you only received the book? Shows the other part delivered yesterday. Nothing like 2-Day Priority being mailed Wednesday and delivered Sunday. That's 2 days, right?
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    Talk to me Scap

    Usps says it was delivered today. Let's hope they're right and hope I hit the mark!
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    Tall Paul - your dirty uncle Nick wants you to come sit on his lap....

    Glad to hear that everything arrived safe and sound. Merry Christmas, Brother.
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    HOHOHO @eqwhipped what did you do now?

    Hey there @Eqwhipped with my elf's throwing a temper tantrum , you should receive something in the mail in the next few days. if you would like to follow. They gave me this weird number not sure what it is for, but maybe you do. 9114 9999 4431 4544 5127 05.
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    Pennsylvania is on the naughty list, but not you Nate1977

    Just got a text from my head elf (can't believe they still know how to use T9 texting) and he is heading your way. Look for his Tenement on wheels, or as he calls it "an RV"!
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    Cigar Dan, the bald Hair Care Bigwig

    @CgarDan package looks like this package is trying to get delivered again today. I hope you’re at home watching the World Cup or whatever “Gentleman’s Club” this is going to.
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    Talk to me Scap

    Well @Scap Steve, USPS says it is on time to be delivered today but it hasnt moved since arriving in Houston yesterday at 10AM. Only USPS! Not a lot I can do but I did have all the reindeer scoop thier poop and dump it down the chimney at USPS.