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    Happy B-Day Steve (slevy007) & Joe (siriusstoogie), enjoy guys....

    Happy Birthday guys. Joe I know you will enjoy a good one!
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    A Very Happy Day!

    Congrats Joe proud day!
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    Gentlemen, if you would please

    Prayers go out to you and your family Ray.
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    No privacy on the throne....

    grandson does the same thing he can't hear you when you are telling him to do something but he can sure hear the door to the bathroom close.
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    Moving Soon

    Dang Tim moving again seems like just the other day!
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    Docs still kick ass

    Great stuff Ray they are truely a higher caliber!
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    Happy Birthday LilBastage

    Enjoy your day brother!
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    Happy 36th B-Day Brent (Bsneed51), enjoy brother.......

    Hope you enjoy your day Brent!
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    Happy Birthday Moki

    Hope you have a great day! Moki
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    Complete destruction!

    LOL well deserved!
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    Happy B-Day to three (3) of our BOTL. TBaGZ, BobbyRitz & Keystone_

    Happy Birthday guys wish you the best!
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    Time for a lifestyle longer a "Fat Texan"

    That is freaking awesome Jake and all of the rest of you too! But to me you are still Big Jake!
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    SuperBowl contest - Random drawing 2011

    Way to go Jets!!