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    Aging RASS vs. Lusitania

    Not a fan of colorado RASS and don't care much for aged ones either. 4-5 years never hurts though.
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    Plume or Doom?

    I can't say for certain based on the pics but I have seen similar coloration from over glued wrappers.
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    How long to age Trinidad Reyes

    I agree with the 2012 statement. 2013 & 2014 are still good though. If you don't like it now give it a few months and revisit.
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    New Cohiba Band

    I have some CoRo as well. I like the new band across board, its about time they updated. Counterfeiters really need to stop.
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    Uh-Oh, QdO fans!

    Only 1 QDO and 1 Diplo. More vitolas are on the chopping block. I just don't understand.
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    Rh issues

    Sorry for being late to the party. A dry boveda(s) works well to regulate humidity.
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    New Añejados Line from Habanos SA

    I may be getting a few of the Anejados and will leave my impressions as soon as I am able to turn one into smoke.
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    Cuenca vs

    I hear ya. First encounter is make or break for me as well. Try speaking with Anna Cuenca (I believe that's her name) if this order hasn't been resolved yet.
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    Cuenca vs

    I've dealt with Cuenca a few times. They're not the best when it comes to having the website updated. I would suggest calling before placing an order, to insure items are in stock. Most B&Ms that have a small website should be called before placing any box orders or HTF orders, it's the only...