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    Padron x000 Natty/Maddy?

    Not sure it's over moist. The heartfelts have been keeping humidity pretty steady which is what leads me to believe its a bad stick. It seemed really brittle which is the reason I asked about the differences.
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    Padron x000 Natty/Maddy?

    Ok just a little background. All of the padron's I have had the pleasure of enjoying have been maduros. What I am wondering is there a significant differance between them? Not taste, but more constructiion? I pulled out my 2000 natural from newb sampler for my evening smoke. It could have...
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    Favorite cigar under $5

    Punch London Club is pretty good for under $5. Crappy part is here in MN taxes are so bad on this stuff there aren't many under $5.
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    Stop teasing me with adult novelties!

    Yet another nice hit!
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    Happy 44th B-Day Jim (Swissy)

    Happy Birthday Jim! Hope you have a swell day and hope you smoke a great stick in celebration!
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    Contest: How many cigars in my Coolidor?

    220 is my guess! Thanks for the contest.
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    Good job Rod!

    Awesome job. Rod! I blame Maryland/ the anti's. I was a bit worried, my hats off to Rod for the speedy fix!
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    Sure are a lot of Birthdays

    I am in on this as well! Too mkany vto keep up with right now and surely don't wanna miss anyone so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL who had or are going to have birthdays coming up. I hope you have a swell day and enjpy to it fullest with you favorite cigar.
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    Wow very sad! His family will be in our thoughts and prayers! Rest in peace Gary.
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    Happy birthday! Hooe you snoke a good one in celebration! Enjoy!
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    A New To Me Aristocrat MXT Plus

    Wow those are both beautiful congrats!
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    El Diablo Run choppers

    Rubber side down my friends! Have a fun abd safe trip.
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    Nice hit! Nice storie too! She wasn't fat she was fluffy! :D
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    Congrats on the new humi! Fun bags huh? No wonder why I call my wife the "fun filter"! :D