2017 Montecristo No 2


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Jan 25, 2014
Montecristo No 2



ROTT, dry-boxed for 3 days at 58% (humidity has been in the single digits lately, so I compensate with a bit lower % in the DB)

Beautiful cigar, with a very pronounced triple cap.

Initial aroma: just a bit of leather, chocolate and sweet hay

I use my scissors to cut just a bit off, and the draw is perfect.

Cold draw: Chocolate, just a bit of leather.

Initial puff: Sweet creamy chocolate, with tannins on the nose.


Today I’m pairing this with the best milk tea on the planet...


1st third: Signs of youth in the nose, reminds me why I like aged (10 plus yo) Cubans... it’s not that it’s bad, it’s just annoying... hoping it will settle in in a bit. I am getting semi-sweet chocolate, leather and just a bit of black pepper (partly due to the tannins)

As a side note, I am happy that I am back down to 185 lbs after soaring to 194 a week ago (and my lowest weight of 174 just a month ago was cool, but made me feel weak, no energy) 185 feels good.

Nearing the end of the 1st third, and the tannins are subsiding. The leather is up front, chocolate barely perceptible, and I am starting to get a bit of savory something... like butter? Hard to tell...


Another beautiful day here in SoCal, with shorts, t-shirt and flip flops...

Into the 2nd third, and had to relight, should have had 2 to 3 more days in the DB... Savory, creamy leather, and a bit of black pepper on the nose.. This is good now, but is going to be great in a few more years.

Halfway, and it’s settling in with less tannins, and some bitter sweet chocolate, and still a bit of black pepper on the retro.

Really settling in now, with rich creamy smoke, a bit of coffee beans, and just a touch of honey... very nice

I notice on the younger cigars, I tend to drink more, and the aged (10 plus years) I can smoke a whole cigar without a drop...

End of the 2nd third, and honey on the forefront, with just a bit of a sweet woody flavor.

Cigar goes out again, and I relight... These larger ringed cigars need extra time in the DB...

I have tons of lighters, including some very expensive one, but I use my trusty Scorch lighter (from Amazon) because it lights every time and has 1 very accurate flame...


Into the final third, and this is really coming along nicely... sweet and creamy with honey, a bit of caramel and a nice woody aftertaste. The tannins are gone, and I am starting to get the white pepper on the retro that I like so much.

Monty 2’s have always been a favorite of mine, but from 2009 to 2016 have been... not so good (with the exception of a few box codes from 2014) it’s nice to see that these are smoking so much better in the last few years.

Halfway through the final third, and another change... sweet and nutty with creamy coffee on the front, with a bit of nutmeg on the back end... very nice. The retro is very smooth, with just a bit of white pepper.

I get out my trusty nub tool (which I would highly recommend to @Thoughts 😂)


About an inch left, and I’m tasting some creamy chocolate, a bit of honey and some fine leather... I don’t want it to end 😊

Nearing the end and starting to get just a bit warm, but I keep going.

Last few puffs and I’m tasting honey and savory creamy butter... very smooth.


And that’s it, can’t smoke any more without burning my lips...

  • Total smoking time, 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • These are just a bit over 3 years old, and I believe another 2 to 3 years in the humi would balance these out and make a very good cigar great.
  • These were in one of my overseas lockers, and (thankfully) were perfectly stored.
  • Score 92/93 (1st half 88, second half 96)


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Mar 3, 2018
Awesome review! I love these things. Also, is that the custom nub tool that you got from your friend?


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Jun 22, 2004
Damn, I thought you were selling these, LOL.

Nice review Bill, as usual.


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Apr 29, 2011
If anyone has me for their kid, I'm drooling over that koa set! :p


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Mar 9, 2009
Great review Bill. Enjoyed it and those look so oily and tasty!


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Jan 31, 2005
Hardware aside, the Monte #2 is without a doubt my fave "regular production" smoke. Bill, many thanks for the review and insights..!!