Avallo Accumonitor Cigar Humidifier Review


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Product: Avallo Accumonitor 20/40 with optional fan timer
Manufacturer: Avallo Humidors
MSRP: $399.99 (plus $50.00 for optional fan timer)

As like every other member of CigarPass, my cigar collection continues to grow. Storing so many cigars can be challenging, and maintaining multiple coolidors takes up a lot of space. I decided it was time to upgrade from my current Antique Tower (3,000 count, which believe it or not I’ve outgrown) to a commercial 5,000 count cabinet humidor.

Choosing the right humidification device is important, as you’re trusting it to maintain the right environment for your cigars, many of which I’m sure are expensive or even rare. Over the years I’ve had experience with many types of units, most of which gave me issues. Either the RH was incorrect, unit was loud/noisy, didn’t humidify the entire humidor, etc… A few years ago I decided to try the Avallo Accumonitor in my Antique Tower (after having struggled with various other units on the market). I have been extremely happy with this unit, as it has surpassed my expectations. I decided to install the Accumonitor in my new cabinet, so I went with the newer model Accumonitor; the Accumonitor 20/40 with the optional fan timer.

Some features of this system are:

  • Easy snap-on connection wire system.
  • Wires are flexible and easy to manage.
  • System displays current RH, desired RH and ambient temperature.
  • Canisters are easily fillable, and wires disconnect quickly for easy removal.
  • Ability to calibrate RH if needed. My system came perfectly set and no adjustments were needed.
  • Can mount on side of humidor easily. I have mine sitting upright, as it fits perfectly in the corner.
  • LCD display flashes when out of water.
Installing the humidification unit was half of the fun. It comes complete with all mounting hardware, wires, RH monitor, etc.

Pictures during installation

Tips & Tricks

  • If you don’t want to screw holes into your expensive humidor, then use velcro. I used round velcro stick-on’s for the fans. This not only keeps the humidor in original condition, but also allows for easy maintenance and placement of fans.
  • Before installing anything, place the canisters and fans where you think they should go. As you can see, I staged the canisters to help distribute humidity evenly throughout. I strategically placed the fans where I wanted the humidity to flow.
  • Wire everything up once you’ve decided where you want the fans and canisters to go. Wiring last will save you some time! Velcro the fans into place first, then run your wires.
  • The wires are long enough for almost any type of install, which means they’re generally longer than you’ll need. Hang on to the twist-ties, as they come in handy when you wrap the excess wire into a small bundle.
  • Use twist-ties or zip-ties to tidy up any remaining excess wires.
  • Attach the control unit with Velcro rather than screwing in wood screws; this allows for easy placement and removal. Plus you won’t ruin your humidor.
Overall conclusion

If you’re in the market for a reliable, easy to use humificiation device for your cabinet, go with the Avallo Accumonitor! Even if you have coolers, you can order the smaller Accumonitor, which will perfectly maintain RH in whatever humidor or coolidor you have. I have been using the Accumonitor in my other cabinet since 2008, and it has worked flawlessly. All I do is fill up the canisters every two months or so, and it keeps on providing the right humidity to my humidor. While the Accumonitor is one of the pricier units, it is worth every penny.

The noise level is very minimal. I have the optional fan circulation unit installed as well which has a total of 8 fans plus the 4 canisters. When all 12 devices are running, it’s still very quiet. The four fans included with the Accumonitor randomly turn on to keep the air circulated (optional, however worth the $50).

Before choosing the Avallo (before I had used one), I had spent several hundred dollars on various units, all of which claimed to be the best. This unit is made in the USA by an electronics engineer. If you want a reliable humidification device, pay the money and be done. You’ll be glad you did later on, knowing that your cigars are in good hands.

The Avallo Accumonitor is sold here: http://www.avallohumidors.com/

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You can get this directly from Avallo. Send Matt an email, or leave him a voice mail message and he will get back to you. He also has a Facebook page with info as well.