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Go Vols!!!
Anybody have a stash of bands they don't need? I'm trying to cover a piece of mdf to go in my camper on the back side of the heat shield so need a bunch. Would happily trade some smokes for some.

H. Vachon

Salty Bastard
That’s an awesome idea man! Up to this point I haven’t been saving them, but if you think it’s gonna be a long term project I’ll definitely start saving them for you


Where did all my money go?
I’ve got some. I just sent a big bag of them to Nick Kann about 8 or so months ago, so I’m not sure how much I have accumulated since. Let me look tonight.


One Leg Of Fury.
Our household goods just arrived today, actually, so I'll have to go through the boxes and see where all of those bands are. I still plan on doing a project, but you are certainly farther along in the "I might actually get this shit done sometime this decade..." than I am. When I find them, I'll pass forward a good stash of the ones I have, and you can just thank John for me. ;)


Bueller.... Bueller...... Anyone....... Anyone?
I have some bands, which I started to collect a few years back but lost interest in a project for which I was saving them. If you pm an addy I'll send them, providing I can locate the receptacle they were stored in.


Where did all my money go?
This is what I got. You’re more than welcome to them. Not a whole lot as I seem to be putting a lot in my Cigar Journal, or throwing the ones I tear away.