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Bingo Bomb 2022


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Aug 16, 2020
I had lot of fun with this last year and I hope all who participated did too!

Download and fill in numbers in what ever order you would like. After you have your cards printed and filled out post em up here. Then I will run the bingo balls from our at home bingo machine and post the ball here as well.

I will draw 2 balls then select 1 cigar from my humidor daily and post its picture until there is a winner then I will mail the daily sticks to our winner.

Lets see if we can play until the players cards are full and every player gets a Bingo or we use all 75 numbers.

I am hoping to get at least 10 participants.

The game is open to anyone who is a member in good standing, newbs an all.
Download the bingo card attached to this message.
Print your bingo card and fill it out with numbers 1-75
Post your printed card after you have filled out your numbers.
If you fill four squares with drawn numbers in one row or column, you have to reply with bingo and a picture of your winning card.
After a quick fact check you get all those tasty sticks!

Bingo bomb 2022.jpg

Here is a link to last years Bingo bomb if you want to see how it went.

Edited to fix bingo card.
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Edited for : When I downloaded the card originally it was 5x4 I am not sure why, I re-download and its 4x4 like everyone else.
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I’m in!!! Can’t figure out how to have nice typed up numbers on my phone editing so here we go lol3CE14867-9BFE-4ECF-964C-8D002DCEC873.jpeg

Thanks Steve!!!!
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