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Black Friday Late pick 3 fireball lotto


one day older than dirt
Jan 7, 2001
F to the R... to a double E

Open to any member with a U.S. Address.

Just pick 1 number 0 thru 9
first come first serve (1 # per person) until 10 players.
Prize is the Rocky 5er shown. Classics are over 20 yrs. old.

Runs for the evening pick 3 fireball 11/25/22 or first drawing after filled.

Happy Holidays to everyone.
Ha while I got you all on the line... your numbers are also going to represent you in the Monday Night Football game as well.


Whom ever has the last number after adding both teams final scores together... gonna win a small cigar Cuban fiver. I think we need a reason to watch this game huh?
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Dan wins this one with the 2 power ball. Congrats bro. Hang tight to see if you can pull a double.
See everyone Monday Night for the BIG GAME.... LMAO!

I told myself I wouldn't cry... 😭😭😭

Thanks Michael! Just about any other fiver and I would have donated it to another Brother.. but I have a local Bro I HAVE to have a Classic with. We share history with both that stick and Rocky himself (RP is a fellow GB Packer fan/owner.. and nice as hell).

Now I need to come up with a fiver giveaway of my own, hmm... 🤔👍