Box opening and review - TATUAJE T110 "Thermonuclear"


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Some of us may remember the Tatuaje T110 from almost a decade ago. If I recall accurately, Tatuaje did a small production run, then a dealer in Hawaii talked them into making another 200 or so boxes. I scored two of those boxes; one to smoke, one to hang onto. Well, today's the day for the box I've had in the cabinet. These are from 2009, so this box has nine years of rest in my humidor on it.

Here's what the folks at Halfwheel had to say about this one;
"....Ok, let me just say this right off the bat. This is a strong ass cigar.

......Don’t say I did not warn you. Don’t come crying to me like little babies after smoking this, cause I won’t pay attention......the “T” in the name “T110” stands for “Thermonuclear” and not “Terminator” as I once thought and the “110” stands for the size of the stick in millimeters. The cigar is made of all ligero and is a blend of Jalapa and Estelí tobacco. If you are wondering, the “Thermonuclear” was an original cigar that Pete Johnson made almost as a joke, since it made quite a few people throw up when they smoked it, it was so strong. This size and blend has been called a “Thermo Jr.”, relating to its smaller size as compared to the original...."

Are they really that strong..?? Even after nine years of nap time..?? Let's bust this box open and find out....

Well, it looks innocent enough.....

....yes, it's the T110 alright. I remember these as being 'serious' but not life changing....

Box bottom showing where it was manufactured. Notice the stamped date "38 NOV 09". I'm pretty sure I know what 'NOV 09' means, not sure about the '38'. Rolling facility, perhaps...??

Note the 'My Father' seal....we know where these came from....

Let's get into it..!!




Holy crap, these are dark cigars...!!

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Typical really nice looking sticks from the My Father facility....




Well, shoot, it doesn't look all that big and bad, so how did it smoke...??

A snip with the Palio and flames courtesy of the Blazer torch, and we're off to the races.

Well, let's just get to the point of it all....holy crap it's still a strong cigar. But, not in a bad way, if there is such a thing. Starts off with quite a bang, as you'd expect from the tobacco used to make this little monster. Nine years of rest has taken some of the sharp edges off, but it's not for the meek. The construction and burn were about as perfect as it gets thanks to the folks at the My Father factory. Pepin knows how to roll a cigar, no question about that. It's powerful, but it's creamy and seriously rich. Flavors quickly flatten out, and the profile doesn't change much. Probably not a bad thing. Not a ton of complexity but what's there seems very appealing. I found the smoke to be thick and almost fluid. Really rolls across your tongue nicely. It doesn't just kick your ass with power, but it seduces you into the blend, with rich, creamy deep tastes of chocolate, leather, lots of pepper on the front of your tongue, really great flavors.

And then it kicks your ass.....:D

I had this one right after lunch because I knew what was coming. What a change up from the ISOM sticks that now are most of my rotation. Yes, I liked it quite a bit. Not two or three a day, not every day, maybe not even more than one a week. But, it's so well made, so smooth, and so interesting that it's an interesting change up, that's for sure.

So now you're thinking, "....gee, thanks for the review and pics of the smoke we'll never get our hands on...". No, you won't see these in stores again, and certainly not with nine years on them. about I send two, to the first five guys that PM me with their name and address..?? Only condition is that if I send you sticks, you have to post a short review in this thread. Seems reasonable to me.....:cool:

Hope you enjoyed the pics and the review - !! - B.B.S.
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Well done. Excellent review. I can’t wait to read the others. I could have sworn I read a thread, when these were new, that someone got sick smoking one of them.


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Well done. Excellent review. I can’t wait to read the others. I could have sworn I read a thread, when these were new, that someone got sick smoking one of them.
I did and promptly sold both of my boxes. I will be smoking this on a full stomach and I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit hesitant, but curious to see if time has tempered them at all.