Box opening and review - TATUAJE T110 "Thermonuclear"


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Door is always open fellas! Anyone from here unless you have Surf or Safari in your handle.


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WHY do I read this way after the fact? Might as well stick myself with my fancy azz reamer. Nice review Tom. I still haven’t figured out how to keep sticks for a year no less nine years, but I don’t have that fancy BIg humi you have. Good to,see,a,great,brother enjoy the fruits of his labor.

$$$ Note: Tom, you forgot they have more days in their calendar ?
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Thanks again to BBS for this opportunity!

At first glance this is a very attractive looking cigar. A very dark, smooth, well constructed wrapper definitely looks like a Tat and leaves me with little doubt that it will be delicious!

The cigar lights easily and the first few puffs release some very woody, cedar-like flavors. The petit robusto is a favorite vitola of mine and this is just a bit longer so it's manageable on an October evening.

The second third continues with the cedar-like flavors and the ash drops after about 3/4". I'm loving the consistent, tight burn and it's staying lit for me while I clean an AR. There's nothing like the mixed scent of Hoppe's gun oil and cigar smoke. Mmm!

The final third is just as tasty as the first two and I have a hard time putting it down. I'm glad the cigar did not live up to the thermonuclear reputation but it was indeed a solid full bodied stogie.

Thanks again, BBS!


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I really enjoyed reading the reviews on this. The DE FFP's are the top side of "full" that I can handle, I can't imaging what something like this would do to me. I'll make sure and add this cigar to my "you are to big of a girl for this" list.


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First of all, thank you Tom for the opportunity to learn what a nice year seasoned stick tastes like. I think Tom had his Pug look him in the eye, we do have to stick together ya know.

Sticks arrived in single finger bags with a Boveda pack to keep them happy. I had free time so I went to my local B&M so I didn’t set out in the cooler air with all of our abundant moisture. Plunked my butt into the chair and started taking notes ( yes, I gotta take notes youngsters.

The wrapper was sweet. Even colored and about as vein free as one could hope for. Snipped the cap and off we went. First puff as a brief but pleasant shot of spice, not a kick in the azz, but a get acquainted hello. I gave it some time to see if it would stay lit, and I didn’t want it to burn hot. The smoke it produced was adaquate, not heavy or oily, but it was SMOOTH. I don’t dress fancy when I smoke as it sticks to the clothes, and, Pugs are famous for being sloppy with water and ashes, in this case, ashes. No sense in burning another hole in my shit shit as my wife calls it.

So I puffed, and I puffed ( but no, I did not blow the house down ) and the dang ash grew and grew. $$$ an aside for a moment if you please, I’ve never owned a cell phone until now ( wife required I get one, so I got a Nokia 6.1. I tired taking some pics for this review and now I know that inexpensive phones take poop photos). But back to smoking.. let’s just say the ash was long as I’ve ever had, it just wouldn’t die for 3.5 inches. Then it died on their floor thank gourd.

When it did, I needed to lite again and eased down to 3/4” before I had to let it go.

It was a FINE smoke, mild but flavorful enough for me and more than enjoyed for my educational experience. Simper Fi.

And below is a 12 mega pixie Ziess lens.

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Dang, a hole in your shit shit!? Sounds painful!
Interesting thing, seriously. Although us older folks our skin is physically thinner AND less nerve reaction. I either cut or zap myself and truly do NOT feel it. The shirt is just like your old jeans that should be thrown out, but feel and fit so good. I’m also on thinners so I chill easily, the shirt is a necessary evil, it goes first before I BBQ myself.


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Thank you, Pug, for the review...!!

Funny thing, the older I get the thicker my skin seems to get......patience, on the other hand....well, not so much....:)


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I know, I’m the asshat of the group. It’s in my dry box, it will go up. My apologies with the time.