Buena Vista Edicion Limitada '08 Contest


This was originally posted in the Marketplace and I moved it here....any questions let me know...

A couple of weeks ago I made my triumphant return to CP with some information on the much discussed Buena Vista Edicion Limitada '08s......ok well maybe not triumphant.

I shared what I had found out about these here http://www.cigarpass.com/forum/index.php?threads/buena-vistas-on-sale-again.75153/

So what does that mean. The vendor was kind enough to send me some additional smokes after seeing what I had gone through with their Customer Service Dept....so I thought I would share the wealth with a little contest.

My daughter just had her best year playing high school softball (this past Spring). So the person who comes closest to guessing her batting average for the season wins a three pack of Buena Vista Edicion Limitada '08 Pirimades. A second three pack will go to the next closest guess. If someone guesses her batting average exactly, I will throw in a nice bonus stick...

I will keep the guessing open until Friday, September 30th at 5:00pm EST. Please one guess per person. If someone guesses before that, I will close the contest and award the second sampler accordingly.

Good to be back at CP........


Yada, Yada, Yada.
Thanks for the contest and I'm going to guess .588. There are some really great hitters, in the state or Mass.


Guys thanks for participating.....was hoping more people would guess but oh well....made everyone's odds better. Sorry I didn't post last night.

Thanks to those who thought she hit .600 plus or even .700. If that was the case I wouldn't be worrying about my college savings fund.....LOL..and we would be make recurring trips to Alabama and Florida....not Maine and New York....LOL....

She actually batted .492 and was in the top five in the DI State Division she plays in for average, RBIs and home runs.

So that means are winners are Brent (.530) and Gary (.454)....

I will send you guys a PM to finalize the details.

Thanks to all who participated......nice to be back...