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  • Akron Havana House

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I'll be enroute I'm about 20 minutes. If any out of towners need something let me know and I can pick it up on the way.


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It's been ages since I sat on my ass for hours doing nothing but BS'ing and smoking cigars. I had a great time. Next time we'll have to find a spot where we don't have to yell over the counsel of elderly guys debating whether or not we did actually land on the moon and where engspot can make friends that don't speak gibberish :). Nice shop too. It was a surprise seeing a humidor that was not covered in walls of Altadis and General stuff. Hope everyone made it home safe and sound and Brian, you got your mom's furnace fixed. It showed 5 degrees on the way home.


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What was that guy saying?? All I understood was his name is Kyle. As far as the furnace. It kicked on again when we were half way home. So idk what was up.


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Made it home a little after midnight. Caught a snowstorm around Ann Arbor. Saw at least a dozen cars off the road. Newbs...

I had a blast meeting and hanging out with everyone. Let's do it again.



It was nice being able to meet up with everyone. Glad I wasn't the only one who overheard the "moon landing" conversation.

Next meet up in the Columbus area?


My place in PA is always open...Shameless plug...Also, great store in Mentor, OH might bring some of the Cleveland folks out or even some of my crew from Erie area.