Cheap PMags


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As there seems to be more than just a few AR-15 shooters here, I thought I'd pass along a deal I found on another forum. Windowed PMags for $14.85 each, 10% more off with coupon code MAGS, free shipping for orders over $90.

That worked out to $13.36 each for me. I bought 7 which is the minimum for free shipping.




Why is the dust cover on the wrong end?

Would've been nice to know this yesterday. I picked up a few regular Pmags for 14.85 a piece w/ free shipping.


Why is the dust cover on the wrong end?
That's where I put mine when I load a magazine into the rifle. Otherwise I'd have lost them all by now.
Sorry, I posted from my phone and left the emoticon off :blush: :blush:

AFAIK the dust cover only fits on 30 round magazines in that manner, 20 rounders do not have the notch on the back side of the base.


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Thanks for the link. A buddy at work and I will be putting an order together......:thumbs:

Get 'em while you can, guys.....


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Unless you can't... because you live in CA
There's this too (from slickdeals):

.223 American Eagle ammunition for 25 cents a round (free shipping)The gander mountain deal for American Eagle .223 55 grain brass cased ammo is back on ! Here is the product link: n_Eagle_Ammunition_223_Rem_Full_Metal_Jacket_Boat_ Tail []

Add 4 boxes to your cart at 30 bucks each = $120

Apply code GM12WL16 to get $20 off purchases $100 or more.

$100 total for 400 rounds = 25 cents a round. I live in Washington state so there is no sales tax for me, but YMMV.