CigarPass Fundraiser........ Padron Family Reserve No. 45 Maduro


Where did all my money go?
Jan 25, 2007
This series of raffles will be to benefit the cost of upkeep & running Cigar Pass.
There will be a total of six raffles.
The donation cost for each Raffle ticket will be $10.00.
A donation of $50.00 buys you a ticket into all six raffles. You may do that as many times as you like.
Your raffle ticket number will be your post in that lots particular thread started.
Posting “I’m In!” in the thread constitutes you stating you’re purchasing that ticket number. DO NOT POST ANYTHING ELSE!!!
Posting “I’m In For 50” constitutes that you are entering in all six raffles. You must then go post this in all six threads to get your raffle number for each.
If just one particular box item interest you, then you can post "I'm in!" in that thread as many times as you want. Again... for $50.00 you can post in that thread six times at any interval/day you want.
Two Items of interest may each be bid on three times for $50.00..... You get the point! 
Please do not post unless you know your end can be sent in a timely fashion.
If you want six tickets, then you must post six different times in the respective threads.
This will run until Thursday April 10th 7:00 pm EST, at which time I will pull numbers for each lot from a random number generator and the winners will be announced in the thread. If the number picked matches your post number, then you win.
Check or Money Orders. If you write a check, make sure it’s good!  ;) 
Send to address in my profile.
PayPal Gift Option.......
Please include your CP Username with Remittance and make out to John Fields.

A Special thanks to CP’s finest vendors and members.Without them, this would not have been possible. They really were generous in their donated raffle bait to this cause.
Uptown Isy & Uptown Cigar

Thank You For Your Support And Good Luck!
This lot will consist of one intact box of Padron Family Reserve No.45 Maduro generously donated by Uptown_Isy and the folks at Uptown Cigar.


Where did all my money go?
Jan 25, 2007
Posting for anonomyus QSH donation C/O Charlie Baranyai... In for $50.00