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CigarPass Palio Cutters - Now available!


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Jan 4, 2001
It took Palio nearly 5 months to complete our custom design, which is why it took so long to finally get them.

And they came out beautifully! If you'd like to support CP, your purchase is greatly appreciated! There is a limited number available ready to ship. If you'd like to purchase, PM me.

I'm still working on getting the CP store setup, however you can purchase there for now.

They are $35/ea and includes free tracked shipping.

The cutter features the name on one side and the logo on the other side.

Side 1


Side 2
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For anyone still on the fence, search is your friend. The same cutter without the logo was sold in a group buy back in 09 & 10 for $35.95. Mine still works great but it doesn‘t have the logo. Thanks Rod!
Thanks to those who purchased! Your cutters shipped today.

Here's the link if you'd like to buy: https://www.honestseedco.com/product/cigarpass-palio-cutter/

Something else maybe worth taking a look at, you can get CP-branded Integra Boost humidity packs. I'll buy a cutter or hoodie every now and then to show my support, but I'm always in need of these and Bovedas.. who I think are gonna be doing this now too. But here's the details for IB: