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CigarPass Reading Club

How are the Scythe books?!

I thoroughly enjoyed them. I like how it ended, which is very important. I’ll read the series again for sure. It gets pretty philosophical as the series progresses, which is right up my alley.
You guys should use the vherf room and schedule some cigars and books meetings.
That sounds like a good time. I’d be willing to do something like that on a semi-monthly basis next spring.
Mostly just a WW2 reader. Don’t know a good one that hits them all.
Speaking of WW2, have you watched the new documentary about WW2 on Netflix? I started last night and found it interesting.
I finished Brave New World a few weeks ago. I don’t see what the hype is all about. The concept of it was interesting, but the story was dry and long. There was a lot left to be desired.

I read The Killer Next Door last week. It was pretty flat throughout and pretty predictable. Not very good tbh.

I just started Ghost Fleet and it’s getting right into it, early on. I have high hopes for this one!
Just Started readying Mr, Mercedes by Stephen King. We have this and #2 in paperback. I'd much prefer to read on my kindle but I like $20 more :)
It impresses me how many books Stephen King has had published. That man is a machine. Have you heard of Skeleton Crew @CBoukal ?
It impresses me how many books Stephen King has had published. That man is a machine. Have you heard of Skeleton Crew @CBoukal ?
The cover looks very familiar, but it would have been a LONG time ago if I read it. Stephen King has a VERY sick mind... But sometimes you need to dance with the devil right?
Yeah, I hear ya there. I read it back in the late 90’s and remembered it being interesting. The Mist came from that book. It’s an anthology, actually. I remember there being a few stories that were pretty eerie.
I finished Ghost Fleet a while back. It was a real good book that kept me engaged throughout and had a good mixture of war, drama and philosophy. This book reference The Art of War by Sun Tzu a couple times, so I read it. It was eye-opening and is worthy enough for multiple reads. There's a lot to unpack and is more of an instructional/strategy book than a novel. Not to get political, but it's pretty eerie to see parallels to some of the concepts in this book and what's been happening in the United States...

I read What If? by Randall Munroe recently. It's an entertaining book that takes abnormal deep dives into answering obscure questions like, "What would happen if the Earth and all terrestrial objects suddenly stopped spinning, but the atmosphere retained its velocity?"

I finished Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger, yesterday. This was one of the most enjoyable novels I've read in recent memory. It's listed as a mystery, but Krueger admittedly stated that this novel of much looser than most "mystery" novels. I can see this being adapted to the screen. Movie, mini series etc. I was reminded of the film Stand By Me, which was the screen adaptation of the story, "The Body" by Stephen King. If you like period pieces, coming of age stories and/or philosophical and religion dichotomies - I'd recommend this one.
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I just finished, Tourist Season by Carl Hiaason. It was an interesting mystery novel. Semi satirical and overall an entertaining read.
It was mentioned that some of us would be interested in doing a group read. Now that spring has sprung, I’m willing to herf every other week to discuss a book that a group of us decide to read.

If you’re interested say “I’m in” and your novel suggestion.
I’m in. My suggestion is Above the Fire by Micheal O’Donnell.
I just finished Red Rising by Pierce Brown. Talk about a story of love, lies, deceit, betrayal and revenge! I don’t do spoilers, so I’ll keep this brief… if you like 1984 and/or Brave New World’s concept, but felt the overall story was lacking… this novel may be for you. It surely was for me!