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CONTEST - guess my post b-day smoke!

Okay Wade here is my guess for the day...........

You wore #45 and played Catcher
Okay Bruddahs.... no one's got it yet so here's some clues (you guys really need it... LMAO!)

I said my number was between 1 and 50... well let's narrow it down a bit. It's between 10 and 40 and nobody has gotten the number yet.

As for my position.... despite what Big Worm says my regular position wasn't Catcher. I loved playing catcher but it wasn't my starting position... I was a backup catcher on occasion. However, there was one Bruddah who correctly guessed my starting postion!

Also, let's make it 2 guesses per person per day. I'm not sure what time zone the board is on... right now it's telling me it's almost 7:30 am?!?!?!?! So lets use the time on this board and say that a day starts and ends at 6:00 am CigarPass time.... LOL!

Keep 'em coming Bruddahs.... I have a feeling that someone will get it soon!

Aloha Bruddahs!

1st guess Shortstop #35

2nd guess Pitcher #7 for the Mick

BenjieV :D
Shortstop who got switched to catcher as a backup huh?
Ok Number 25

SS #21
SS #25
Blue Says Your Outta Here!
OK..OK Well...I was close..WhaddoIgetfordat??? :p :sign:

My 2 guesses for today:

#12 and Short Stop
#29 and Short Stop

:sign: :)
Methinks you guys are gonna be at this a while. I'll have smoked my Aloha Pack before anybody guesses this one. But hang in there, bruddahs....somebody's gotta win. :)

(Don't give 'em any more hints, Wade. They like a challenge.) :sneaky:

You're all getting closer! Of all the guesses between this post and my previous post here's some clues...

2 Bruddahs correctly guessed my position!
1 Bruddah correctly guessed my number!

That's it for today's clues.... but I think that may be enough for someone to get it soon! Good luck!

Oh... and Father Tiresius...
Methinks you guys are gonna be at this a while. I'll have smoked my Aloha Pack before anybody guesses this one.

Being the lazy bastige that I am... I'll mail out your Aloha-Pack at the same time I mail out this one! LOL! So.... you'd better start cheering these Bruddahs on... the sooner we have the winner the sooner both Aloha-Packs will be sent! LMAO!

Aloha Bros!