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CONTEST - guess my post b-day smoke!

OK..pay up Bruddah!!!

Left Field #29
Left Field #18

:p :p :p
Ok Ok I'm late on this, but come on guys, you all know he smoked a swisher.

There's still time for today's guesses so I won't give any hints yet! But I will say that one Bruddah is so close you wouldn't believe it! I'll be back after today's guesses are done!


Hopefully this isnt to early. I'm little confused on this time thing. :D

1st Base #12
1st Base #19
Wooohooo! WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

Congratulations Bruddah JoeP!!! And... he got it on the first guess for today! Congrats Joe... it's only fitting that you won since you were so close with your previous guess!

Joe's guess says it.... No. 19 and a 1st Baseman! There were many good guesses on positions as I not only played 1st but also was a backup at 3rd and Catcher too! I'm not an outfielder.... too damn slow! LMAO!

Thanks for playing Bruddahs and you can be sure I'll host more contests in the future! Bruddah Joe.... send me your snailer via PM!

Aloha Bruddahs,

Just to clear something up... a day started and ended at 8:00pm Hawaii Time... that's 11:00 pm PST and 2:00 am EST. I was going by GMT and only now discovered how to change my settings.... DOH! You guys can be sure that next contest I host I'll use EST as a standard time for everyone to follow!


Like my momma used to say to me.

"A blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then"

:sign: :sign:
Congrats Joe, well done <clap clap clap>...that was a much harder contest than the one I was in. Hardly any clues either. :thumbs: :thumbs:
"A blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then"

Bwahahahahahahaha! LMAO! Yep... I was a blind squirrel about the time settings... LOL!

Father Tiresius and JoeP.... the Aloha-Packs will be boxed up and shipped on Monday! Congrats Bruddahs!


Thanks again Wade....I owe you deeply now, between this and your help on my pass. Your day will come my bruddah. I sometimes forgive, but I never forget. :sneaky:
Congrats Joe :) And thanks Wade..made me think back about the "Great Game".

Let's Play Two!