CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2018 Season


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Annnd, Bill Belichick is going to stick it to the Browns and turn this guy into a star again.
That’s not even my favorite part of this storyline. The fact that Corey Coleman asks for a trade on Hard Knocks while with the browns, gets cut to make room for Josh Gordon, goes to the pats, and then gets cut a SECOND TIME to make room for... you guessed it... Josh Gordon... I mean, I’ve never seen that happen. Guy gets cut twice in a season to make room for the SAME OTHER WIDEout? Now THATS Wild.


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winnings .JPG
And here is what we are playing for boys!! The only one that seemed to have any damage was the VSG torp (about 8 cigars in at the top), but it doesn't look to bad. Everything is resting gently in my wine-a-dor.


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All, please check our group PM. For the trophy, I am looking for the names/spelling of two past winners: 2010 winner "{tpc}", and 2013 winner "whopper".


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So after 3 weeks of this crazy FF season, here is where we are at;
1st - Modo22 3-0
2nd - Nashkicker 2-1
3rd - MNBrian 2-1

Team scoring the most points so far this season is "NewYork Turtle Dicks" (Nashkicker) with 550.93 points.
Team with the toughest schedule so far and having the most points scored against them is "I'm Better Than You" (Golfanatic) who is only 1-2 getting his only win against our highest scorer, Nashkicker.

If Yahoo knows anything, they are currently projecting the final rankings to be;
1st - Acclaym
2nd - Nash
3rd - BigJake

BTW, Jake is the only team without a win this season...so the fact that Yahoo shows him finishing in 3rd is impressive!
Good Luck this week!


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Good game this week Jake! Glad to see your 1st round pick wake up.
And dropping Yeldon a few weeks back will be a huge mistake of mine this season....