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CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2022 Season

Can’t believe I forgot about an early game today and Kamara was out. 🤬🤬🤬
If Kamara f..s up again this week I might have to send some Russian goons to talk some sense into him
I hope so… I’m playing you in both our CP leagues. A very early preview of the toilet bowl :( we can’t catch a break.
I'm starting to really like Sleeper. It has the best notifications of any of the fantasy apps for sure.
This is what I love about yahoo fantasy football:

Offensively challenged CigSid knock off Chicken Lovers, 143.96-135.26

Ranking ninth in the league in points scored for the week, CigSid were lucky to earn a victory against a foe that performed even worse, earning a 143.96-135.26 victory over Chicken Lovers. CigSid earned an early 10.90-point lead on Thursday. Chicken Lovers came back to take the lead early Sunday, powered by Jared Goff (26.86 points) and Dameon Pierce (20.3). Unphased, CigSid pulled it together later that afternoon, as Jalen Hurts (53.66 points) and the San Francisco 49ers defense (21) put them back ahead for good. CigSid (3-2) will look to sustain their momentum against First Down Ass Up!, while Chicken Lovers (0-5) will attempt to develop some positive momentum against Mike Honcho's Spread Offense.