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CP FFL Cash League 2022- Year 13


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Mar 9, 2009
This is our ESPN Cash league for CP.
Here is a link to last years league; https://www.cigarpass.com/community/threads/cpffl-cash-league-year-12-full.81470/

Nothing much has changed since last year.
Buy-in and payout info is below.

BUY-IN - $100
1st Place: $500 (Keeps own $100 and is paid by 4,5,6,7)
2nd Place: $300 (Keeps own $100 and is paid by 8,9)
3rd Place: $200 (Keeps own $100 and is paid by 10)
4th Place: Receives Cigar Type Gift from First Place

Confirmed Degenerates (in order of final standings last year) We are full for 2022!!
1) @{tpc} -Defending Champ *in
2) @Brickhouse *in
3) @Acclaym *in
4) @modo22 *in
5) @BigJake6904 *in
6) @CgarDan *in
7) @bfreebern *in
8) @drunkfish3 *in
9) @CigSid *in
10) @ironpeddler *in

The ESPN league has been reactivated, so please log in and test that out.
**Draft date and time are set for our usual Sunday 9/4 at 730pm CST.
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I guess I have to be in. ;)

I think I’d be better on Friday. Though might be able to make Sunday work.
I think I played last year, right? I must have done pretty shitty, to not remember.

I’m in!
For some dumb reason, ESPN won't let me change the name of the league to "year 13" rather than 12....? Hope that doesn't confuse anyone.
**Draft date and time are set for our usual Sunday 9/4 at 730pm CST. Let me know if that time, 730pmCST works or if we need to adjust.
Draft picks are in....Here is our order for 2022 Sunday 9/4 at 730pmCST:

1. Jake
2. Bill
3. Brandon
4. Chester
5. Nathan
6. Dan
7. Wyatt
8. Gary
9. Ben
10. Anthony

What's everyone's choice draft pick? I'm not a fan of being the #1 pick, but I can get behind #3. Now to decide on WR or RB and so on from there.
Pretty much consensus that picking in the first half of the draft is undesirable. At least most years. If you are in spot 1-3, your pick truly has to end up being a very top player with no injuries. Congrats, you may get JT with the 1 but the looooooooong 22 pick wait for your 2nd and 4th will almost ensure your L for the season. Thanks for taking that bullet, Jake. :D