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Fountain Pens 2023 - Anyone?

I received a new pen and sample inks from Goulet. I bought a few reds and browns, and then got a bonus random sample pack for free, so I have a lot to choose from at the moment. I also bought an inexpensive dip pen to try out all these inks in my work notebook.

The new pen is a TWSBI ECO Stub. I filled it with Lamy Topaz and have been experimenting with both the color and the stub.

Very nice! I have a ton of ink samples at work in one of those ink sample trays - I bought one on Amazon instead of the Goulet branded one on their sire for less $$. The look I got when and Assistant Principal came into my office and saw all of those vials... priceless lolol!

Stubs are fun nibs too - if you get some ink with shimmer, the wider nibs will really show it off. I have a TWSBI Diamond 580ALR with a broan nib that really lays down some ink!
There is a custom penmaker down in SoCal, Atalier Lusso, that I have been a big fan of for some time. His design, fit and finish, etc. are all above and beyond.

My favorite color is green, and I have had my eye on a particlar model from him with green abalone and dark green resin. The pens are made by hand one at a time, so they only become availabe sporadically.

Well, he shared that he was finisheing the model I have been wanting on IG, so I did a thing.

There is a pic that I took and I will include a couple from his IG as well that show how the light catches the abalone much better.

Atalier Lusso
Carina Ragazzone
Deep Green Abalone / Midnight Green Resin
Bronze trim
Medium nib

Got a fountain pen & roller ball combo from a Kickstarter campaign. They were delivered yesterday!

Now I just need to find some ink to fill them with.

Nice! Who are those manufactured by? I'm digging the machining in the sides - reminds me a little bit of a Diplomat Aero.
I have a blacked out pen like that, and Iike to use a good blood red with it.

Maybe Diamine Wild Strawberry or Wearingeul Captain Hook?
Just jug this out after about 20 years. Have no info at all on it.


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let's say, for conversation, someone wanted to try out a fountain pen to see if it was something they liked.
And, this person had handwriting like a detoxing monkey
and they mainly wrote in unintelligible scribbles or small block caps

where would they start?
Tell your friend that @PaulTra recommended I start here.. I am very happy with my decision

The Safari is a great pen for sure!

If you want to try something disposable to see if the format is to your liking before getting into a Safari, take a look at a Pilot Varsity or Platinum Preppy.

The great thing about the Safari is that you can get a converter and start using bottled inks... with that the possibilities really are endless!

And the slope is slippery... you have been warned! :cool:

This any good as a starter?

Yeah that is a good pen as well. Like with the Lamy Safari, you will need either their proprietary in cartridges or a converter to fill the pen with bottled ink (In this case they would be Platinum carts and/or a Platinum converter)

Platinum is one of the big Japanese brands (along with Pilot and Sailor), so you should be good to go.

If you want to really get some detailed info, check out the pens and extra information provided at one of the big retailers, Goulet Pens HERE.
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