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Free Contest! I'm a Grand Pa Again Alert! How much did my Grand Daughter Skyler weigh Contest?


one day older than dirt
Jan 7, 2001
This contest is for any active members of CP with at least 6 months tenor or anyone that has 1 successful trade or group action here. Please post a comment with one guess on the birth weight of my Grand Daughter in pounds then ounces.
Example 7 lbs 3 oz or 7.3 will work.

So as to not make it a complete crap shoot. The weight guesses should start at 6lbs and not go above 9lbs. One guess per person.
Contest starts now and ends on Friday April Fools day at noon Pacific Time. Winner will be the closest guess with out going over. No edits on guess posts aloud or DQ'd. You can delete a guess and repost if you change your mind though. Guesses are first come first get. Do not post a number already taken if possible... Thank you.

Prize is a 5er. I'll edit this and post a pic prior to the contest end. (I need to get to my house for a better selection).

Thanks for playing.